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Good evening folks ( well it is if you're a duck ) Raining cats and dogs here in Morden , but no worries ive discovered i like running in the rain , who'd of thought that 11 weeks ago ? Still not one of my best runs to date . Ive fallen foul of the Emirates airlines summer schedule . ( for those of you who dont know im a chauffeur working for Emirates ) . In the summer schedule the last flight dont get into gatwick until 1945 , so by the time i get home it is coming up 2200/2230. Ive tried doing early morning run and my body says dont take the mickey , so its night runs for me and im already tired before i start one . Still on i go and tonite im buggered but the rain and the run still manage to get me through the funk. And i do my 30 minutes with no problem and little by little since i graduated im gradually covering greater distance . It may only be 200yds extra but it is extra , so gonna keep the 30 minutes up until the end of mth then for june looking to do 33 mins for 1st half of month and 36 min for 2nd half . Sounds like a plan any way . I know that ive done 5k in 48 mins and that was a one of , i had a itch that just had to be scratched 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. So just gonna train up to the 48 mins and stick to 5k for the forseeable . Whatever , it is turning out to be a bit of a mission to fit the runs in , but i think my body copes with late nights better than pre dawn wake ups . Still one foot in front of the other and all that

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Well done on getting out there! Sounds like you are enjoying your running which is great! That sounds like a really sensible plan 👍🏼


I bet you have a few good stories from your job!

One foot in front of the other, always. You're doing so well sticking to running.


Hats off to you for night-running and your lovely, positive attitude. As you say, keep running sensibly and regularly and you can't fail to improve, whatever that means for you be it time, distance stamina or commitment. Happy running!


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