w7R1 that was a toughie !!

done w7r1 this morning , that was tough ,real tough and the music was AWFUL lol , most of the previous weeks ive quite liked but wow this was like the very worse eurovision ever , anyway im NOT looking forward to doing that again , i was so hot and clammy and couldnt breathe i had to whip my tshirt off while on the treadmill running !! dont worry my bra is mahoosive and took many architects years to build lol so i kept my diginity in tact :P


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  • lol, I only ran in my sports bra till the runs got longer and the bra chafed my inner arms. I invested in a desk fan to keep cool cause I get so hot running!

    Can you use your own music and the treadmill timer instead? Nothing worse than rubbish music while trying to stay motivated

  • to be fair i didnt think it was going to be that bad haha and i was kinda committed once id started , will defo use different music altho i do like laura egging me on and teasing me with her time countdowns !! so im a little torn ! i guess bra running is one of the treadmill perks then lol

  • Ah but it can be *very* motivating to complete a session so you won't have to listen to it an extra time... has worked for me! It's the grit that results in the pearl... and if someone can't hack a few plays of dodgy music, what else are they going to let get in the way?

  • i think i will take my mind to another place on wednesday lol , laura i love , music has been okay up until today but im a sticker so will listen and do the runs ( but mostly so i dont have to listen again )

  • Well done! But tmi :-)

  • 😁

  • Vaseline smear is good for chafing bits

  • Well done for getting through it. I did mine yesterday and was caught in a deluge. I was so focused on keeping the rain out of my eyes the actual running seemed secondary.

    I don't have set music on the app I use, so just the occasional motivational thought from Michael Johnson to keep me going.

  • Stick with Laura secksy...you will meet Julie in Weeks 8 and 9... the music is pretty bad but its a rite if passage isn't it😄. Good luck and keep going...

    Have you thought of taking your running outside?

    Just saw your report of your runs on holiday...lol but maybe you could find a local route that is suitable. Its a great time if year for outdoor running...

  • hi Jan-now-runs i suffer with anxiety so going outside is a BIG step that im working upto ,the runs on holiday were okay because i wasnt in an area that has bad memories ( hence anxiety n depression ) i hope to do the local parkrun soon but i think if i have a little runnig exerience under my belt i will as least have that on my side so less to stress about ,

  • I hated week 7 - I have no idea why though! When you are ready, and if you want company, I will do park run with you. i am happy to wait as long as you need. I am away the first couple of week in June so it would be after that anyway. You will have to keep your top on over there though 😂

  • thanks CallyL thats very kind of you , x i am really gonna try and get out and it will be nice to know there is at least 1 freindly face there :D hope ur doing well on your post grad runs :D

  • Sorry to hear that secksy. Hopefully your self- confidence is improving as you work through the plan, however I now understand that you feel stressed and anxious running locally.

    Keep on running...its so good to challenge yourself and relieve stress.The feeling once your done is great too isn't it. Good luck.😊

    Wk7 R2 next...

  • I did this one today too :)

    No easier than W6R3 but I do feel like I'm growing confidence- "I did this once I can do it again"

    I hope that you are (if not enjoying) continuing to feel a massive sense of achievement and that this then transfers to your psychological wellbeing.

    Well done- WE WILL DO THIS :)

  • i dont know how i feel i dont hate running but i dont thoroughly enjoy it yet either , hoever i do miss the runs on the days i rest so i guess thats a positive :D , and mentally i feel much better after a run :D

    i will see you at the graduation table lol xx

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