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W6R1 - A toughie!

It was tough but I was expecting that after having read posts about this run from you lovely lot. I was away in North Wales and, whilst the hillier terrain made things tougher (I'm used to a nice flat seafront at home), just as I was beginning to find it tough I came face-to-face with the most beautiful fallow deer. Running outside is full of surprises, I think I'm addicted!

Hope you're all having good running weeks!

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That sounds amazing!! Not much chance of a deer where I run, unless it’s a car dressed as a deer 😂 well done on your run x


I would definitely be surprised if I saw a car dressed as a deer! :-) Thanks for the encouragement. x


Look at you with Graduate next to your name. Looks good.

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I can’t see it on the app 😂

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That sounds marvellous, well done on the run Em. 🦌


Beautiful...lucky you and very, very well done too!

Take the next run slowly and steadily... make sure you keep up your exercise on rest days too for stamina and strength as the weeks get longer :)

I shall be back In North Wales at the end of the week... I don't think I shall see many deer though in Criccieth :)


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