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Week 5 run 3 in the bag

I completed this yesterday. I can't believe I ran for twenty minutes straight. The plan definitely conditions you to a point you can do this physically. I hit a bit of a wall ten minutes in but kept going and felt fairly comfortable by the end. I hated running when I was younger. I'm surprised by how much I love it now. Feel I've come a long way since week one.

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Well done you. W5R3 the first of the long runs! It's great to get it under your belt. Enjoy the moment you have earned it.

Take that momentum into next week. Week 6 is tougher than it looks, but you've definitely got this as lon g as you remember you are a runner now!

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Very well done.... it is great to realise that the programme, if followed, works, isn't it?

Take it steady and relax into the runs next week... you can do them and you will get there.

Week 6 has the potential to upend some folk...( you may get other comments about this) But, you are ready for it.. and you will do it :)

Steady and slow :)


Well done, you! This is a great run to get under your belt. You are over half way through the program now - time to start planning what your next goal will be. :)

Take a moment, though, to relish the feeling and reflect just how far you have come. Remembering this feeling will get you through future runs when the gremlins may be out in force.

Keep it up!

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Goal is to graduate then parkrun.


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