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Hey just started with couch to 5k. I'm on week 1 and just completed run 2 and I couldn't finish it :(

I had shin splints so bad it was too painful to continue.

My arches on my feel hurt also. Has anyone else had this?

I thought it could be the shoes so I've ordered some different ones hoping they help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you in advance !

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Shin splits may be caused by overstriding. You may be landing on your heel with your leg outstretched in front of you, causing repeated jarring stress to your legs and shins. Take shorter steps, but at a higher cadence (steps per minute). Well, that's easily said, isn't it?? Much harder to actually do.

Forget all about stride-length and cadence and where your body is positioned when you land on your foot.

Instead, try this:

When you run, imagine yourself as an assassin, stealthily running up behind your victim. Take short, stealthy steps, and try to not make any sound as your foot lands on the ground. Concentrate on quick, nimble, quiet running. Of course your feet will make a sound, but try to make it as quiet as you can.

Voila! shorter stride, higher cadence, no shin-splits!!


Ah thank you! I must say I am quite heavy on my feel and I do feel like I stomp rather than run!

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So many of us stomped feet kiss the ground.😊

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I have a sore foot too :-( I am on week 3 on a treadmill. Going to try tonight with insoles in my trainers. Any advice welcome.

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