Night pain

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this and whether you have any suggestions - I find when running and after a run my legs just feel normal 'good' achy from exertion but later on in the evening and through the night my legs feel sore - enough to waken me. It is not cramp so much but aching like the bones hurt and can be accompanied by restless leg type feeling - have to clench and stretch out legs. It is annoying cos it's sore but also I'm not sleeping well - at the start of the programme I was benefitting from much better sleep. thanks for your thoughts.


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16 Replies

  • Thanks KittyKat - I hadn't thought about the gel - will give that a shot.

  • Maybe more stretching post-run would help ?

  • Yes I have a feeling I need to stretch a bit more - I run before work do I'm tight for time but I think I'm going to have to be more considered about the cool down part of the run.

  • Try some Epsom salts, and maybe do some stretches when u finish

  • Do you soak in the Epsom salts or drink them?

  • My legs usually feel restless after my long run of the week when I've upped the mileage but I don't suffer on my shorter runs. As with you it leads to a poorer nights sleep, luckily for me it's only at max once a week and I've decided its part and parcel of pushing my body just that little bit further. Sorry I have no idea how to fix it, if you do find something that helps please share :)

  • It's just reassuring that other people experience it too! Hope that you are getting some helpful hints from other posts here too. Thanks

  • It's happened to me before... woken up with really sore calves (painful enough to wake me from sleep) and shin bones (felt like my bones themselves were in pain)... I find a dose of Ibuprofen before bed helps as does Deep Heat Max on them before bed... stinks the place up, makes your legs feel like they are on fire but works wonders! Your mileage may vary of course but you're not alone in those sometimes "bit too achey" legs overnight! :)

  • Thanks Aussie - I've tended to use bio freeze gel but I'll give the deep heat a shot to see how that goes.

  • Interesting you should mention this because I was wondering the same thing myself. I didn't get it to start with but just lately now that I have been running further I have restless legs at night and I feel I need to stretch them. I do loads of stretching before and after runs and on my days off because of cross training, and even on rest days so I don't think it's from lack of stretching.

    I don't get pain though, just restlessness. I wonder if it's from lack of some mineral perhaps. Time to google!

  • Just looked it up and people are saying it could be related to a need for magnesium. Magnesium is found in legumes, seeds and nuts etc, but I eat loads of them already so not sure about that. Magnesium is apparently needed for healthy function of muscles and nerves amongst other things

    Someone else on another forum had written that she did a 10 minute stretch routine before bed every night and that it had really helped

  • Thanks I_will - that's a good idea about doing before bed stretching as I was saying I find I'm tight for time straight after run. Interesting about the magnesium as earlier someone mentioned Epsom salts - it is magnesium sulphate.

  • I had this quite regularly and I put it down to new runners legs. I described it my having "electric legs" I think it's a good sign. That your body is adjusting to the new exercise. I'm no expert mind you! LOL

    As you run you get stronger and the niggles will ease (hopefully) If you do other exercise as well such as walking,hiking, swimming, cycling, gym or exercise at home then you will build up your body to support your running. I do fitness DVD's at home and I've noticed that I've toned up quite a bit and don't get the niggles

  • Thanks misswobble - less wobble now you are all toned

  • Hi there! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets woken up with painful legs! It certainly isn't cramp and I am really careful about stretching after running, so I really don't know what the cause is. As I write this, my painkillers should be getting to work - I haven't taken them for this before but don't have any gel in the house right now. Let's hope that between us we can find a solution! Xx

  • Fingers crossed! It helps to know you're not the only one!

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