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As I am still not able to go out and run, and am categorically barred from going to Crossfit, but am over the actual illness part and got an all-clear on my kidney function, I decided to at least start doing some conditioning and flexibility work at home. So I have started a P90x cycle.

I had forgotten what pain was.

Am only on day 4. As the week has progressed the horrific DOMS has progressed downwards through my body with the progression of Chest and Back day, Plyometrics, Shoulders and Arms, and the horror of the aptly named Ab Ripper every other day. It now hurts everywhere from just below my Adam's apple to just above my knees.

I am no stranger to muscle ache but really this is a whole new thing. This morning I tried in vain to get out of bed for 20 minutes and eventually had to call my children to roll me off the bed into a kneeling position. It took my 5 minutes to get out of the car. On the plus side I have done all my work standing up, which is supposedly much better for you, and I have found it surprisingly practical. On the minus side when I dropped the kids off at school I garnered more than a few odd looks and one mum whispered to me "have you poo'ed yourself?" - Actually the thought had crossed my mind, because sitting on the loo is near impossible to achieve and worse to get up from, and (TMI alert) using toliet paper is a stretch way too far.

Did a yoga session today, which I imagined would relax my aches and pains and restore my equanimity.

No, Fule!

You do not know humiliation until you slowly topple from Twisting Half Moon to Tangled Mess on Floor and can't do a damn thing about it on the way down.

Tomorrow is Leg and Back day. Hurrah! So looking forward to 300 squats and 120 pullups. It will make me a better runner though, and, until I can go out and run, it's about all there is.

The other plus side is, of course, the huge amount of sympathy I get from my wife and children.


Right. Got that off my chest. Going to nom some more paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin and codeine. Hurrah for fitness!

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300 squats and 120 pullups????? I am hoping that you are joking- right????


I am hoping that too, but this is tomorrow's schedule so I suspect not:

Balance Lunges

Calf-Raise Squats

Reverse Grip Chin-Ups

Super Skaters

Wall Squats

Wide Front Pull-Ups

Step Back Lunges

Alternating Side Lunges

Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups

Single-Leg Wall Squats

Deadlift Squats

Switch Grip Pull-Ups

Ballistic Stretches

Three-Way Lunges with Two-Kick Option

Sneaky Lunges

Reverse Grip Chin-Ups (again)

Chair Salutations

Toe-Roll Iso Lunges

Wide Front Pull-Ups (again)

Groucho Walks

Calf Raises

Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups (again)

80/20 Siebers-Speed Squats

Switch Grip Pull-Ups (again)


Blimey!! I don't know what half of them are. I'm guessing a Groucho walk doesn't involve walking around in circles smoking a fat cigar, wearing glasses and false eyebrows ;)

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Glad you are back on the road to fitness, even though it does sound exceedingly painful!


Rig, dear friend, I think it's time for you to embrace moderation!!! (says the woman who couldn't go up and downstairs after kettlebells for 3 days during IC rehabilitation).

Please take care - you've only got one body.



Oh, I do, UIOLI. Moderation in all things, and plenty of it. That's my motto.

This is only temporary. It's just the adjustment phase, like all the W1 runners with their shin splints and sore ankles.


If you need codiene, you're not being moderate - that stuff is an addictive opiate and whilst it genuinely does seem to make aches, pains and blue moods drift away like leaves on a stream, I'm a little bit scared of it. Emergency use only, I reckon.

Take it easy.


It's certainly strong stuff. I was given some when I broke my ankle then found I couldn't string a proper sentence together. Kept getting half way what I was trying to say then getting stuck and going back to the beginning. Very odd indeed :)


Ha ha EM , Im like that anyway ! I blame it on my hormones :-D xxx


To be honest, so am I :( but no where near as extreme as I was on codeine. Twas like being stuck in a time loop. Groundhog Day in miniature lol xx


Aw I reckon it must've been the shock too xxx


doesn't that count as self abuse ;) rather you than me :D


That sounds like fun! Rather you than me though.


Blimey you poor thing, but that workout is a bit hardcore, but it will improve the running I guess!! I hope you can walk tomorrow...take care


I can't actually lift my arms hig eneough to brush my teeth.

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Crikey, so you're in a proper bad way AND you're going to endure all that mad physical exercise.

Take it steady Rig, hope you're fully recovered soon xx


"Some conditioning and flexibility work"?

That regimen looks and sounds absolutely brutal. I don't envy you.

Great to hear that the effects of the rat pee will soon be history.


Chill, Rig.

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