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Pain v Pleasure?

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Got back earlier from WK8R3. I had decided to take it easy today and just enjoy it. I finished the walk and turned the corner into a gale force wind and what felt like shards of ice which was rain! My pants were pulled up a bit too much and so had that to contend with also!

My thoughts were "what are you doing?" and "turn back you silly sod!"

I carried on though and because of the elements (and other things regarding pants!) I forgot about the usual leg fatigue and the first mental barrier.I just became more determined, I thought of Duncan and that hill he managed to beat! I waved at another mad runner and started to feel exhilarated even though my hands were hurting, with the now hailstones, that were raining down!

I managed to get into a steady stride and as I was nearing the end, the sun came out and the most amazing rainbow appeared across the whole sea! It was so vibrant! It straddled the pier and was truly beautiful, I felt so privileged in that moment that I burst into tears!

I was soaked to the skin, with my pants stuck to me showing curves that shouldnt be seen! But I was so happy... especially when I discovered that I'd covered 4.7K, a personal best!

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Those runs make it all worthwhile in their own way don't they?

You can't really explain it to someone who hasn't done it I have found, they all look at me as if I am slightly bonkers :-)

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GridletGraduate in reply to Greg_M

Oo yes, I agree! One of the reasons why this place is so good!

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And here's me looking at the rain and thinking I might put off running tonight.

This is a cool blog. You're very lucky running by the sea. The best view I'm likely to get on a run is the very attractive A5183, or - if I'm really lucky - a passing Intercity 125. I'll run tonight after all and hope for a rainbow, though.


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GridletGraduate in reply to DuncanS

Go Duncan! Slaughter that hill again!

had to laugh reading this, I also ran in the rain today but had no reward of a rainbow at the end, Well done you for pushing through it though and that rainbow was just fo you I recon :0)

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GridletGraduate in reply to kirstykiss

Thankyou! It felt like that!

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You deserved that rainbow! I admire your determination and power to plow on through your wedgie ;)

I'll probably run through a pile of dog turd and trip over a jack russell on my run tonight, it's not quite the same as getting a rainbow is it :(

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Thankyou! Ha ha! Good luck!

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Runner's Wedgie should definitely be a recognised medical condition.


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Anonymous36Graduate in reply to Greg_M

I totally agree! Its definitely a fine art trying to 'adjust' that bit of cloth mid run whilst maintaining the image of a marathon runner (there are no mirrors on my route, so I can tell myself I look like an athlete) ;)

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Woo hoo well done on your personal best! :)

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