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Well I surprised myself this morning. I really could not see myself going out running when the alarm told me it was time to get up.

I was tired after a tough week at work, my legs were still aching from Wednesday's run and I really didn't want to have to battle the stiff chilled breeze that was blowing at 7am. The good news was that my Labrador started pestering to get out as soon as I let him out, so I really couldn't disappoint him (or myself)...

I got round my 30 minute off-road route without feeling too bad and when I checked the distance on my watch I just had to push on to complete 5K.

At 48 years old and 4 stone overweight (despite low carb diet, running and cycling I've still only lost 3lbs in over 2months), I was quite pleased to have covered 5K in 31 minutes 5 seconds.

I want to get under 30 minutes for the 5k as my next target. Hopefully that shouldn't be too far off.

I want to thank all on the Cto5k forum for inspiring me to get out again after not having run for over 15 years.

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Well done , i completed last nite about 2300 same deal , had to do the 5k ack to 30 minutes now


Great effort doubletap. Hats off to you for doing a really late run.




What an inspirational post! Well done ands enjoy the graduation ceremony!

(Imagining mortar board and running gear combo, low carb feast and glass of fizz)

Hope to join you on the odium in a few weeks time 👨‍🎓




Well done on graduating and brilliant time for 5k too. I'm doing my final run bright and early tomorrow but I won't be quite that quick 😉




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