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Week 2 done. I nailed it!😀😀

Just back in from W2R3 and I am, as KimLouLou would say " nicely knackered ". I feel so proud of myself for running 90 seconds, how mad is that!

If I had decided to try to get to 30 mins running in 9 weeks without this program to follow, I definitely would not feel " on target" if , after two weeks I was only running for 90 second segments. But, I have faith in this program, after all, there are literally tens of thousands of previous non runners who have completed it.

Thanks to everyone who posts here, I have taken so much from these posts and can't wait to see what the future brings.

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Spot on! I spent the first few weeks wondering how on earth I was going to get to 30 mins from where I was - but it happens! Some of us repeat runs or weeks somewhere along the way; others go straight through in 27 runs. But we all get there as long as we keep going. :)


Having the faith to do this is the way to go. Believe in yourself and believe in the works. keep it slow and keep it steady...:)

Every run, makes you stronger, and builds you up... I still find it hard to believe how I have developed since Graduation in 2105... but here I am, as are well. With you all the way :)

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Only just seen this. Congratulations on finishing your 2nd week! That's amazing you should be extremely proud of yourself 😊🌟


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