100 Miles in April

100 Miles in April

I wasn't sure which forum to post this in.... but I decided to put this in the main C25K forum to try and encourage all those starting out that if I can you can!!!

I'm in my late 50's ... and I've "only" been running about 2 1/2 years but I am very pleased to report that I successfully completed my "100 miles in April challenge".... well I actually ended up doing closer to 110 miles (175 km) :-)

Having a full time job meant extending my long runs a bit as I had to average about 40k per week. I ended up running 4 Half Marathons (one each weekend), but this only got me up to about 52miles. I took each HM really steady and the rest of the miles were done extending my evening runs. Still I managed to rest for 2 days each week.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this challenge was to try and build up my running base (aerobic training) and I can certainly feel the difference after those long slow miles.

I did this via raceatyourpace.co.uk who do monthly challenges from 25 miles to 200 miles ... I received some nice bling and a great tech T-shirt for just £14.

Not sure I'll do it again next month.... but I'll certainly try to keep up the millage as best and safely as I can.

Happy running all :-)


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14 Replies

  • Well done Andy! Great example!😊

  • Well done Andy for completing a brilliant challenge - inspiring for newbies and those of us that have been around a bit longer! Great to hear you are still out there running and enjoying it too!☺

  • Wow, Andy! I run around 100k per months. 100 miles is just a tiny bit more! And beautiful piece of bling.

  • Well done, how can you prove to them the distance covered? just curious as I may give it a go in the future?

  • I sent them a screen shot of my Garmin stats for April... In fact I took a picture of my Garmin month total for April.

  • 100 miles is a good bit more than 100km!😊

  • Exactly!

  • Brilliant...great role model :)

  • Well done Andy that's great! I did it through another site last October,it was a hard challenge so big congratulations to you x

  • Very well done Andy. I did the 50 miles and with one thing and another not going to plan it was a real challenge to finish. Hope to get time to post something the next couple of days. Thanks for the heads up about it, will definitely repeat (???increase!!!) it in the future.

  • Phew, that's a lot of running! The furthest I've managed is 108k, so a long way short. But I've got a few years to go to catch you up!

  • Wow! Well done, that's a lot of miles.

    The most I have ever done in a month was 145 miles last year when I was training for the marathon - mostly I do about 55 miles - so way short of your achievement!

  • Wow.... 145 is really a lot of miles... i normally do about 60 per month so I did need to plan my runs to get to the 100.

    I wanted a challenge... and that's what I got :-)

  • Thanks for the update, I was just thinking about this yesterday. Well done on completing the challenge, that's a mighty fine gong!

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