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100 miles clocked since Graduation - and completely hooked!

100 miles clocked since Graduation - and completely hooked!

February 17th 2013: The date I found out about the wonderful Couch to 5K program and decided to give it a whirl.

April 10th 2013: The date I achieved Graduation, something that like many, I never thought I would achieve after week one and the realisation that I was incredibly unfit!

15th July 2013: I ran my 100th mile since graduation. 26 runs, 13,490 calories burnt (according to RunKeeper anyway)

I remember week 5 of the plan, the 3rd run I think it was. Running for 20 minutes straight having only run for 8 minutes previously. I recall actually saying out loud "HOW LONG?!" in response to Laura. I remember during that run thinking how will i ever manage this, let alone running for longer.

If anyone out there is currently at a similar stage or having doubts about their ability to complete the plan and continue on beyond, please don't give up. I was so unfit to begin with, 2 stone overweight and never thought I would be able to class myself as a runner.

21 weeks ago I couldn't run for more than a minute without stopping for a rest, 12 weeks ago I graduated and yesterday I ran in the midday heat for 1 hour and 21 minutes.

And I am completely hooked, totally addicted, well and truly been captured by the running bug. The sense of achievement is like nothing I've felt in the past.

Good luck to all running the plan and don't stop when you've finished! Keep pushing on and running further and faster!

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That's very impressive ashton and has given me something to aim for post graduation.

Seriously well done to you and anyone else who has kept going past week 9.

Would be great if there was a running app that offered to convert miles run into air miles...


That would be amazing if we could convert miles into air miles! :-)

Save a few quid!


Brilliant to hear your story and great to know how much you enjoy running. I have just graduated on the Couch to 5K plan and really hope to continue beyond this like you have. Can I ask how many times a week do you run and after graduating did you follow a plan or did you go for distance/speed/time?


Firstly, congrats and well done on your graduation!! :-)

After graduation I didn't follow a plan. I just started to alternate my running. I would go for a faster 3-4km run followed 2 or 3 days later by a distance run. I try get down to my local Parkrun as often as possible as running with others is so much fun.

Nowadays I tend to go for distance more than speed because I've found that the speed just seems to come. (I'm conscious of trying not to sound like a "know-it-all" - I've only been running a few months myself and learning all the time!). But without really noticing, I've gone from a 6 minute KM to a 5 min 30 sec KM and it doesn't really feel like I'm running faster, but it's just kind of happened.

The only rule I stick to is if I really don't feel 100% about a run, even a tiny hint of doubt, I don't go. It's not often I feel like that, but occasionally maybe one of kids has been awake through the night so I'm a bit tired, or had a long day at work and I'm not excited about a run, I leave it and just wait until the next day, I don't go anyway because it's "in my schedule". In my limited experience, it just doesn't seem to go well if I'm not completely up for it.


Impressive stats! I am 3 weeks post graduation and have only just started using run-keeper but I'm already hooked. I will be more than happy if I come anywhere close to your numbers. Well done!


Congrats on your graduation! I must admit I do like RunKeeper and like to see the stats adding up, it's very satisfying!


Great blog and so share your addiction :-)


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