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100 miles in a month!!!

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No don’t get too excited.. I was walking the majority of it as I wasn’t allowed to run till the last week of September ( but just over 6 miles was running😁😁).

I only signed up to this challenge to motivate myself to keep getting out there whilst recuperating and last months 50 miles turned into 75... well this months 75 turned into 100!!! So pleased with myself for keeping going...nice bit of bling and money to charity too.

I did the Run Challenge one this time and got a lovely medal, a certificate, an armband to put your phone in ( I never use them as my arm is too muscly ) and a reflective snapband to wear on wrist or ankle so you are easily seen on darker mornings or evenings.

I find these Virtual Runs really make me get out there when I don’t always want to and I’m sure they contributed to my recovery. Last month’s one I got a medal, certificate, a cool towel and a running belt to put your phone/key etc in. .

Anyway I am back running now and never been so glad to be either. I still walk on my rest days and have just spent 3 days walking all over London with my son. We went for his 40th and for the first time ever I rubbed a blister wearing my toe socks. My little comfy ankle boots just got too hot on Monday’s trek round London Zoo and then Regents Park and I now literally have no skin on the underside of my little toe ... the whole lot blistered and came off when I showered. So flipping sore and I am supposed to be running tonight with my daughter ( blister plaster and padding it is then). I’m not NOT running after missing it all weekend ( forgot my trainers).

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That’s some feat limberlou. Congratulations on your achievement 👏👏👏

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limberlouGraduate in reply to Oldlady57

Thankyou. There were only 2 days when I didn’t go out and walk. Quite proud of that.

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Oldlady57 in reply to limberlou

Rightly so 👍🏻

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Phenomenal. Very well done! Great to hear you’re now back running.

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limberlouGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks 😁

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You’ve got quite an amazing collection there limberlou!!! Brilliant!! I hope the blister treatment works well!! Well done you!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

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limberlouGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thankyou . Blister plasters usually do it

Well done, and nice bling! 😃🏅❤️

Good to hear you’re back running and enjoying it again. 😊💗🏃‍♀️

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limberlouGraduate in reply to mountaindreamer

Yup although it’s no fun running with a toothache in a back molar

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mountaindreamerGraduate in reply to limberlou


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