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I've just run my first five miles!


And not only that, but road-tested my new Asda £10 trainers! Had to get a size larger because they're a little narrower, and I was a bit concerned that the extra length might increase the risk of tripping, but I worried needlessly. They aren't as well cushioned as my old'uns, New Balance, but then they were much cheaper. They'll do me until I can afford a gait analysis and some expensive trainers.

Back to the five miles, my pace was slower, but I covered more distance (last week's long run was 7.4k, today's was 8.3k) and the heady heights of 10k don't seem so distant now. So I'll continue to increase my long run each week, with two other shorter, and I'm confident that by the end of May I'll not only be able to do 10k, but in a better time too.

And to think that on my first run of C25K in the middle of October, I failed to complete all of the sixty second runs! If I can do it, so can anyone else!

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Well done John, that's quite a (five) milestone!

Fantastic well done John. Sounds like a great run

Wow - you're motoring along! Well done!


Well done. It just shows there are plenty of firsts to be accomplished post graduation.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done John! 5 miles! wow, isn't that something. You will soon be doing the 10k too. Its amazing this running lark isn't it! x :-D


Well done John. Five miles is a great distance and a fantastic milestone. 10K is well within reach; keep at it! :-)


Good stuff! It's really exciting isn't it. You're moving things on now but this is where you have to be very careful to look after yourself. Move up gradually and you'll be ok. It's easy to get caught up in the fervour of it all and end up crocked.

All good things come to those who pace themselves.


JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks very much, Miss W! I'm only doing one long run out of my weekly three, and slowly increasing the distance. And being careful!


Well done, John! :D you've made fantastic progress already doing up to 8.3k. 10k is within touching distance, I'm sure. Like you say....if Imcan do it, anyone can ;-) Enjoy your day. :D


really well done John :D you will reach that 10K in no time


Well done John ! Sounds like you're gaining serious mileage on those legs ! :-D xxx

Whey hey! Fabulous John. Well done.

Wow! Great job!


That's brilliant! And you didn't start C25K until Oct? You've only been running 3 months? You're putting me to shame, I must try harder! You'll be here, telling us about your first 10K in no time...


Well done John. 10K is only (only!) 6.2 miles so if you've done 5 miles already you have 10K comfortably in sight. When I first did 10K it was after a 5K circuit of a local (rather large) park. I felt comfortable after the first 5K circuit so just went straight on and did another. No gradual ramping up of distance, just went straight from 5K to 10K. It's not a recommended approach and you need to beware overdoing it (sorry, not trying to teach granny to suck eggs) but I suspect you too could do 10K now.


I'm sure I could, Ned, but I'm keeping all the warnings about overstretching myself to the forefront, and am being cautious. I know I'll reach 10k in the next few weeks, and am content to leave it at that.


Brilliant! You're doing so well and loving the bargain trainers :) Reckon you'll get that 10k under your belt well before May :D

JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to hilbean

Thanks, Hilly! It's easy to absorb enthusiasm and motivation on this site, it's all so positive! The Asda trainers are OK for a while until I can afford better, which I hope I can do in the next few months. I'm aiming for the Bristol 10k, what's your aim?

hilbeanGraduate in reply to JohnBlake

Indeed it is. I have the 5k Race for Life at the end of May but like a lot of people am aiming for a sub 30min 5k. Thought I might have done it this morning but alas not quite :( Also upping the distance now and aiming for 10k ultimately but will see how things go and take it slow I think.


You kept quiet about trying to go sub-30 mins, Hilly! :) I'm sure you'll do it soon, and we'll all have another celebration! I'm concentrating on extending to 10k, but once I've reached that comfortably, I'll aim to increase my speed. I don't hold unrealistic expectations over that, though, my age is against me. There's a Race for Life in Bristol, I think in August, which I plan to enter. After that I probably won't do any more 10k's, just content myself with 5k's. But thanks, it's good to know where you're headed. My best wishes to you for your sub-30!


Wow...that’s a brilliant run, well done!! Very impressive!

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