Let myself down this morning

Feeling pretty rubbish as I've completed week 6 run 1 but this morning when I went to do the second I doubted myself and let myself stop. I'm so annoyed! Not feeling great so maybe that's it but I wish I hadn't stopped because then I let myself give up.

Someone on here called it the gremlin that makes you think you can't do it - anyone got tips for defeating gremlins? Feeling really crap


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7 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you didn't complete run 2, I really do think its a mental block. Don't get me wrong the running is hard, really hard sometimes but try and have total faith in the programme, if I (as many many many others have said on this forum) can do it, I'm sure as hell you can! Give yourself a couple of days off and then go out and smash it. Try not to beat yourself up, I've done that myself in the past when I've had a tough run, that 'down' feeling hangs like a cloud and is so not helpful. Try and put this run behind you - onwards and upwards, YOU CAN DO IT! 😊

  • Forget it, it was just a 'practice run'. To get to week 6 you've done brilliantly, just remember w5 r3, I bet you never thought you'd get through that one!

    Those bl**dy gremlins have a nasty habit of poppin up ... banish them, you're stronger than them.

    Just so you know, I'm not strong mentally or as a runner and I have to fight gremlins before every run. Every time as I set off (slowly) after the 5 min warm up walk I can't believe I'm going to run for 30 mins even though I've now done it 10 times. But it happens, I get through it and SO WILL YOU.

    Celebrate the good runs and forget the bad ones. Go for it. You can do it.

    Happy running!

  • I am not clear whether you are just feeling down because of the fact that you didn't complete a run or that you didn't complete a run because you were feeling down. In the scheme of things it is hardly significant, so don't beat yourself up. Negative feelings do not help. Look back at the progress you have made, be proud of what you have achieved, accept that occasionally there are hiccups and move on after a decent rest period.

    You can do this. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • You're allowed off days, they happen to all of us and although it's disappointing you need to pick yourself up and keep going, the next one will be better. You can do this :D

  • Oh don't go there! Focus on getting to end. Single mindedness is the thing 😃 Go super slowly so you have enough puff to finish the job. If you do need to stop don't worry about it. Just kick on when you get your breath back

    Just chill a bit. Week 6 is a defining week 🙂

  • Next time you get the gremlins whispering (or shouting) in your ear, telling you you can't do it, remind them and yourself! how far you've come. Everyone has bad runs sometimes (I posted about a less than stellar one last night) - but the knack is not seeing it as a F*ilure, but as a positive in the big picture. I'd have liked to have found last night's run easy - or even to have managed it all the way I have just a few weeks ago - but that wasn't the case. However, it was still better than not running at all, it was still something I couldn't have done at all in the past, and I still ran.

    The mind is so important - days when it feels physically tough it's easy for it to become mentally tough too. And days when the mind is unwilling make it feel difficult physically. This programme helps you learn how to manage both sides of it.

    Go out next time, knowing you can do it. Because you do know you can. And enjoy! :)

  • Thanks for all the support everyone! This is such a great place. I'll keep trying and I'll do it next time 😊

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