Gym let down

Well, I was banging on about joining my local gym at the leisure centre, as the monthly charge was so good for me.

So was booked in for an induction today, but was made to wait 15 mins while they found an instructor and nothing was happening, and while I was waiting noticed how busy it was, and it's not that big, which put me off, and thinking, do I really need this? Still nothing was happening😬 so I walked out saying I'll come back another time. I wasn't impressed!

Think I'd rather do my own exercises at home and use my static & road bike more, to help my legs & hips, incorperated with road & trail running,.. and save some money. I can have a swim anytime as and when, so bypassing the gym. I'd rather do my own thing!😉


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11 Replies

  • Check out Millionaire Hoy on YouTube. I am doiing his 90 day HIIT/Strength programme at the moment and it is the best routine I have ever tried, at agym or with Insanity/P90X etc. Wish i'd found it ages ago, would have saved me a fortune as is completely free and requires no equipment.

  • I just had a look at this guy's material on YouTube. It looks really good - thanks for sharing.

  • Me too ! Very impressed with what I saw, it looks great ! I might give that a go I think ! :-) xx

  • That's terrible service by the gym Dave. No wonder you walked out. You should complain too. You could buy your own free weights and a skipping rope and put together a routine for home. It's amazing the stuff you can do in your own front room!

  • Yes IP, rough service, I don't want to entertain a gym now.

    I've got a dumbell kit that I've had for many years that I use sporadically for the top half.

    My job used to keep my upper muscles & to a certain extent leg muscles toned as used to carry a 14kg water fire extinguisher in each hand and sometimes up flights of stairs, but since I've retired have lost some tone. I'll look into some weights for the bottom half.

    Thanks for the advice

  • Not good service at all . That's why you make an appointment isn't it , so you won't be stood around like a Herbert -Pah !

    Loadsa stuff on YouTube if you want to devise your own workout :-) xxxx

  • That does like a bit of a let down and don't blame you for complaining as I'd have complained if that has of happened to me,

    I was a member of DW Sports for over a year until I realised that I was just wasting my money and when I asked for help with pieces of equipment I'd never used before I was ignored and left to it, I've got quite a few pieces of equipment in my house so do my own routines more than I used to,

    my only advice that I can give to you is start small and build it up so you don't gain any injuries by starting off to big on the amount of reps/weights or the exercises,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Thanks Siob

  • There are a HEAP of vids on Youtube to follow and provide motivation. I like to run - but am not that keen on "exercising for exercising's sake" . That is why I really haven't done much in the way of cross training over the past 2 years. But I have cleared out a room in my house - and have got a few bits of "stuff" here and there (a LOT of secondhand stuff available real cheap!!) But let me be honest - I KNOW that I won't use this stuff for long -UNLESS I can figure out a "PLAN: !! :) I think that watching nice ladies in leotards doing exercises on Youtube may be part of the answer???? :)

  • What a shame! Probably the right decision though - first impressions count and all that.

  • I do exercises at home as I can't afford the gym. You probably get more done at home to be honest.

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