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I've been letting myself down

I was doing so well, and now I've only gone and let myself down.

The day after I graduated in April, I signed up for a 10 k race on the 3rd August. And I went straight to training for it. Continued running 3 times a week, and on the 3rd July I had the distance up to 9 km. Great preparation, right?

Well... I've not been out running since. That's nearly 3 weeks, and the race is in a week and a half. It's too hot, I'm not in a good mood, it's raining, it's sunshine, I've just eaten, I'm hungry, my legs hurt (from what??!!!), I've got a cough, I'm busy at work, I want to relax on my weekend, I've got a sneeze, my eyebrows needs picking.

Okay, the last one was made up, but other than that, I've used them all. And more.

I'm upset with myself. Tonight, right after work, I will. I must. I have to.


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Well Tomas I shall give you a swift virtual kick up the ar*e! No more shilly-shallying, get out there and do some work. We are all running in it, heat or pouring rain (as there seems to be nothing else on offer at the moment) Early runs or late runs - the choice is yours. What's wrong with running at 9.30 pm or even later?

My old boss would say to those he considered were not doing their best, "you have more excuses than a hound dog has fleas" I always remember it when I feel I might just not go for a run. Then I tell myself off and get out there. You can do the same.

If you put off your planned run again we're gonna have to send the boys round!


Yeah ! We will come round and rattle your windows :-)

Tomas, do you think it might be the weather making you feel a bit lethargic and meh ? There is always the early or late option , you've just got to find whats best for you . All you need is just to get out there the once and Im sure you will get your mojo back .

You have done soo well so far, so come on get that chin up, trainers on , get a big smile on your chops and get out there , go on go, Go ! :-)

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Naughty, naughty !! Come on ! Up and at 'em !


Hi Tomas, do you want a 'Nice Cop' or a 'Nasty Cop' answer? Ok here's both:

Nice Cop answer: *encouraging voice* Come on Tomas, you can do it. This is just a blip and nobody really feels like running when it's hot but hey, you know what? Once you get out there and start running, you're going to rekindle the love. You'll feel so much better once you take the plunge and make a start. Do you think your reticence is due to anxiety about your run? If you're worrying about finishing the 10k race, then, if you don't prepare for it and therefore 'fail' (by whatever definition of failure you've constructed for yourself) then you can blame it on your lack of preparation rather than on you yourself personally.

Nasty Cop answer: *cross voice* Come on Tomas, that's all a load of psychobabble! No excuses, just man up, get out there and do the training. You've committed to the run, so just get on with it. Nobody can do it for you, you just have to put the miles in!!

Hope one of those 2 answers does the trick Sweetie and gets you re-motivated. Failing that, you could try a bit of emotional blackmail. I'm desperate to run; longing to get back out there but am in such pain with my knee that I can't walk properly without the help of ibuprofen. Just be grateful you're not injured and you can go for a run anytime you choose.

Good luck Tomas, you can do it! You will do it! You want to do it! And then you can post a fab run report detailing your triumph and we'll all be cheering for you :)


You guys are the best! I *will* do it tonight. And I will get back onto the computer and proudly brag about having gotten over the procrastination.


I sympathise. Everybody is right get out there and you will find you running legs again in no time. Which is good as you need them. But I think it's natural in a way. I have a race on 31 august and I am having trouble pushing myself out the door. The only thing that comes to my mind is, its a kind of self sabotaging. Don't let it win, you have done the work. The rest will of done you good. Mentally just tell yourself you CAN do it. It's only a form of nerves that has taken hold, don't let it. We are all behind you.


Oh my Tomas, what a shame to get yourself in a state about this. We all have days when we have a pile of excuses, but by posting on here, you know that you are going out there again today. Don't listen to the gremlins in your head, they're always out to stop us. You have done up to 9k and although you haven't much time left to do any major training, I am sure you can still complete the run on the day. I can't wait to hear all about it when you come back on here to brag! :)


We are all guilty of procrastination at times!

After several days off you will probably do exceedingly well and have a superb run. Your body will be strong and refreshed - but you'll never know if you don't go!


Just do it! (Good words, even though stolen) Maybe you could put your running gear out where you will see it, trip over it etc. You know that you will feel great afterwards. It's just getting your a** out the door.


I am pretty sure you will be out tonight, you've posted and said you will so that's a commitment. It is hot (and not pleasant for running) but I think you have to just get on with it. Try to pick a shady route and go a bit later, take water if you can - for squirting over your head as much as anything and take your time. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.


I'm going to play devil's advocate - IMO you'll be fine even with the 9k 3 weeks ago (although good idea to get the 10 in now if you can). I got behind on my 10k plan through injury and was told by super fit Sweatshop assistant that the miles were in the bank and not to worry - she was right. But yes, best of all if you can get the 10 in before, and I bet your legs are hurting through not running, they need a run Tomas. ;-)


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