Week 2 run 1 done

Hi, I am finding I don't really get out of breath, although I do sweat but my lower legs feel really painful when running. Does this ease up at all? I am very overweight and don't run very elegantly! I am pleased I have made it this far - I didn't think I could run at all, let alone for over a minute. Can anyone recommend any exercises for helping with the heavy, painful feeling in my lower legs? This forum has been a fantastic inspiration to me.


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  • I think treadmill running can be harder on the legs

    Just go very slowly, no need to push at all πŸ™‚

    It's early days. Your body has to get used to the new exertions

  • Well done! regarding pain, excess weight doesn't help, and take it very slow n steady. Being a newbie you can get niggles as your body adapts. Don't try and run through pain, take more rest till the pain fades away, if you miss a running day so be it, your health comes first..

    Also make sure your well hydrated, warm up nicely, sometimes the 5 warm up walk isn't enough and some need to do a few more minutes longer, I know I do, so when I start running I go off very slow, and after the cooldown walk gently, stretch the legs, calves, thighs, hamstrings..😊

  • I'm very much like you and have just finished my first week. I'm v proud of myself but feel tired and achy. It's great to find someone who's like me :-D

    My sister runs with me for encouragement and I find she helps me to keep focused. Have you someone to support you? I know what my will power is like and I would find it v easy to give up.

    Keep going....we'll get there.... Slowly.... But we'll get there :-D

  • I could have written this myself! I did R2 of W2 this morning and also don't feel as though I'm getting out of breath, but I really struggle to carry these big legs around! I'm also very overweight and always feel it in my legs during the run and after. I find a gentle walk on the rest days helps but otherwise I'm just hoping it will get easier as I go on! Fingers crossed xx

  • "Elegant running" is not what I do LOL. Frankenstein's Monster would look like a Ballroom Dancer if it ran with me.

    However....compared to when I sat on the Couch I probably look like a young Raul Julia in the dance scene in "One From The Heart" :)

    Early days in the programme are all about changing your body when it comes to using muscles you may never have before :) Slow and Steady doesn't just build up the vital stamina - it can help you identify and catch "real" problems in their earlier stages. The trick is to figure if it's "pain" or "discomfort" The last I try and run through but real pain and I stop and take stock :)

    All I can say that might be of help is that I never would have believed I can run as far as I do now. Looking back on just the first day I genuinely did unknowingly risk real injury by finishing it...I had no concept of "Slow...then slower still"

    It would have saved me a LOT of unnecessary worry and over-under :)

    Slow and Steady is how the vast majority of us got to where we can run for 30 continuous minutes which is the real goal of the programme :) I think they put in that 9 and 5 to inspire us to simply begin :)

    Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

  • Go as slowly as you like.. try to keep landing, light too...a healthy eating regime will help too:)

    Try the strength and flex exercises too, they may help.. but your muscles need to be trained to run.. so slowly does it :)


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