Whats after w9 ?

Hi All, just starting Week 9 must admit never thought I would be able to run for 8 minutes non stop let alone 30!!!

Still don't LOVE running but have lost weight so that keeps me going, I wouldn't say I go at a great speed when running the 30 minutes, so when I finish Week 9 I just wondered do people stop at this or look at the next level - or is the 5k to10k too much?


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  • Hi Tinaham

    What you do after week 9 is entirely up to you. A lot of people do the 3 podcasts for after C25K - stepping stones, speed or stamina - which also include the lovely Laura. If you haven't got to 5k by the end of week 9 you might want to try these to increase your speed or stamina until you do. Others sign up for a race and train for that - there are lots of suggestions for training plans and podcasts on the bridge to 10k community. And others just potter quite happily doing their three or however many runs a week until they decide they want to train for a specific event (if they do).

    I wouldn't say that 5 to 10k is too much, but whatever you do, remember to take it slowly and steadily and listen to your body. The general rule is not to increase time or distance by more than 10% per week.

    And above all, keep going and enjoy!

  • Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment chop wood, carry water.

  • "Will swop Enlightenment for chainsaw and faucet...." Lao Tzu's workmate.

  • Slightly daft suggestion but I'm looking forward to downloading the Zombies, Run! App. Could try that? It's similar in that you get told when to start and stop, etc but you're being chased by zombies and each run is a mission.

  • as usual though, spend a few weeks at least just consolidating at the 30 mins 3x per week level before you move on with distance or speed or anything.

  • Good advice, thanks. I intend to enjoy some regular runs before embarking on the next phase.

  • Thanks all, think I will stick to the 3 30 mins runs for a bit until I've mastered them comfortably !! last 28 min run today I did 6.28, but it was flippin hard going!!! Nice to know there are others who can offer advice, thanks all!

  • You did 6.28 in 28 mins? That's flying!

  • Literally!

  • blimey i just about managr 3.3k in 30 min and im shot

  • Right I'm guessing the Samsung app is defo wrong then, as I go at snails pace!!! Right I will take no notice whatsoever!!! Just keep on plodding - thanks all

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