A few things I learnt (or is it learned!) today.

1. it really is unlucky to put something on inside out then turn it the right way and put it back on

2. If you run in the rain, leave your glasses at home on these occasions you can see better without them!

3. Don't change your route without first checking it out, especially on your last week.

4. Hills that are do able at the middle/end of a run are still impossible at the beginning as I still struggle with that first five minutes.

Today's run didn't start out too well. Firstly Laura wouldn't play ball so ended up with someone called Carli, then Endomondo wouldn't play ball so had to find Mapmyrun. First 4/5 minutes of running were fine, then hit the slight route change and a hill. Ended up walking for about a minute. After the hill things went quite well and I added an extra five minutes on to the run to make up for the blip in the middle.

Today, for the very first time I wasn't desperate to be told I only had a minute to go so things are looking up.

9 weeks ago I wouldn't have believed I would every reach today but I have. Anyone just starting, trust Laura she knows you know.


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  • Can't help with the learned/learnt, I'm afraid, but love your post and the sharing of your lessons. Sounds like you're doing great!

    The figure 4 stretch is helping, by the way, so thanks for that!

  • Ooo I love that one! You can get even more out of it if, instead of doing it lying down, you put your stretching foot on a table and push down on it - gorrrrgeous stretch!

    I usually hate the first 5 mins too, then I get into my stride.


  • Thanks, I'll give that a try - hope I can do it without falling over ;-)

  • My balance is not good especially when I'm due my B12 injection - blackberry bushes, windows, doors you name it I've launched into it lol - so think I'll pass on that one. Love to know what it is about that first 5 minutes, my daughter use to struggle as well.

  • Glad it's helping.

  • greta stuff well done :D i know what you mean about wearing glasses in the rain ,i got a running hat which will hopefully stop some of it :D .hmm hills the devils work to many but good to others :)

    so true about trusting laura and the program :D :D 2 runs to go :D :D up and at them :D :D

  • Thanks. Don't mind the ups after about 5/10 minutes just can't do them at the start. Trouble is, now I'm running for half an hour there is nowhere here without hills of some sort.

  • i had to add some inclines into mine to cover the time and distance towards the end , wouldn't call them hills though. whats the phrase , character building :D hats off to you if you have to do them Jo :)

  • Last sentence chopped off again which was For hills read inclines both steep and not so steep. Have had to do some all the way through. hills everywhere, Thats why they have a race here called The Purbeck Beast

  • that is very impressive Jo if you doing the runs and inclines :D it will stand you in good stead for runs post graduation :D :D

  • Or finish me off lol

  • Hopefully not :-D

  • Well done! Victorious despite the tech-y irritations and the early hill! :-)

    PS: Just checked online as I was curious: both learned and learnt are correct but learnt is the older, more usual British English form. Learned is also perfectly correct in UK but tends to be more usual in the US. Thanks to you I learnt something new today!

  • Lol

  • Oh you're in the Purbecks - the most beautiful landscape ... very jealous!!!

  • It's very beautiful and I'm lucky as I can walk out of my door andbe walking the hills within five minutes however not so good for finding flatish running routes and the seafront gets very busy in The summer!

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