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W9:R1 Done ✅


So here I am! A week 9 runner!!! Who knew I’d ever get here 🙈 30 minutes done, not pretty or easy but done!

I can’t express how I’m feeling, family and friends say they are proud of me but I’m most proud of myself! He’s to smashing the last 2 runs and graduating 🙋🏼‍♀️

Here’s a little you can do it everyone! Happy Tuesday 👏🏼

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Well done on ur run. Good luck with your next two runs and graduation.

Thank you!! You too 👏🏼


Great job... and the victory lap has started. Don’t worry about it being pretty or easy... it’s something way more than that, it’s just plain awesome. Once you’ve completed the plan it’s time to consolidate and then it will become comfortable, maybe even easy. You’ve almost completed the toughest running plan there is... 0 is a hard place to start, and just look at you now!

Lilgwood in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you!! You always have the best words! Here’s to the last push... for now ☺️

geb6o8Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

What does to consolidate mean please?

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to geb6o8

Consolidation is a time where we stop pushing ourselves and spend time making the current running more comfortable. It’s recommended every few months, and usually good to do when your reach a milestone. So in this case it’s run 30 ministers runs until they’re comfortable/easy, and then on to the next start line.


Congratulations and well done. completed my Week 9 Run 1 this afternoon it’s a great feeling good luck for the rest of the runs

Lilgwood in reply to Papillon17

Thank you!! Look at us 👏🏼 you too ☺️


It's a fantastic feeling!! I start my consolidation runs tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to improving my pace/distance!!

This is just the beginning for us 😁

Lilgwood in reply to Pudding5

Well done you! You’ve got this 👏🏼


Well done- now you've done it once, you can do it again; a couple more runs and you graduate!! Good luck!

Lilgwood in reply to driver08uk

Thank you!


What a great achievement - so glad you’re feeling it! Enjoy your last couple of runs, I’m sure they’ll go really well!

Lilgwood in reply to Stratters

Thanks ☺️

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