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First post W9 post!

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No finish line need today and I was free to do what I liked so what did I do? Put Sarah back on just in case I stopped too soon!! Of all my 30 min runs (that still looks strange written in black and white) this was my best as I stopped at 30 minutes and managed 4.29k. I’m still working towards 5k. Thought I’d get further today because it would be cooler (it wasn’t) but after only 2 minutes knew it’d be a struggle (maybe because I’ve spent about 10 hours in a car over the last 2 days). Thanks to Sarah I kept going though and returned home through this beautiful copse of trees. There’s life (and running) after week 9!

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Haha! Well done on completing the programme 😊 I held on to Sarah’s apron strings for my own first post-grad run last week but today I flew solo for the first time 😳 Apps like MapMyWalk can keep you right for time & distance - it works for me with a bit of music behind. Good luck taking your running forwards 👍🏼

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Thank you. I’ve got Garmin but don’t think it gives me updates.

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That looks a lovely spot. Now if only we could have a 5k circuit that was all like that!

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SybilwGraduate in reply to telford_mike

That would be fab. It’s flat too!! My favourite.

Well done! Enjoy your consolidation runs, you can just let your feet choose wherever they want to take you now 👍😊

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Will do but I notice I’m still hill phobic!! Plan 3 weeks of this (as recommended) then will reconsider my goals.

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