Very impressed and pleased with the Couch5K program! it works!

Very impressed and pleased with the Couch5K program! it works!

Hi, I'm new here. But I'm really enthusiastic about nhs C5K and recommending it to all my friends. I've just done Session 1 of Week 8. It was hard to believe at the start of the program - when my groin was aching after just 30 seconds and I though I would expire! But achieving milestones along the way has not only made me fitter but also given me a mental boost - I feel a lot happier and more positive generally. I had my 60th birthday last year and am more focused on trying to achieve and maintain fitness as long as possible, despite occasional creaking knees. I hated running when I was young but now, although the first half of the run is always a struggle, you feel on a high when you finish. Who knows, I might even manage a half marathon sometime in the future. If I got this far, anything is possible! Thanks, Laura.

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  • Great post! Have any of your friends followed your advice?

  • Thanks! I don't think any friends have started yet. But they will now they see how fabulous I look! No, seriously, it's still early days in terms of convincing others. I started in January and have taken a while longer to get this far. The demographic includes the over-50s - the originator had his mother in mind, but some people think they are past it or they're not sporty or whatever. But I don't believe that's true. It may take a bit longer but worth a try, I believe. I wouldn't have stuck with it if it was unbearably hard. And you don't have to run fast. Other joggers outrun me, but so what? However, as Laura says in the later weeks, you need to THINK you can keep going, somehow, even slowly. Mostly when I begin, the first 5 mins is tough and I groan mentally when there's still quite a way to go, but somehow, bit by bit, you get to the end, even if it means slowing the pace.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum.

    You will find there are many of us here in a similar demographic group. Myself I'm now 60, started C25k July 2016. I am running my 2nd 10k race (slowly mind you), in a fortnight . I have also registered for my first 10mile race which will be early next year......slow and steady is our mantra!

    Many others more mature in years than myself go on to even greater distances. So it is entirely possible to achieve your Half Marathon if you have a mind to do so.

    Always ensure you build everything slowly, time, distance, hill repeats etc. That will help guard against injury. I'm sure you are now stretching after every one which will also avoid aches pains etc.

    There are many experienced runners on the forum who are able to advise, many others that will also encourage and support. You are in good company here!

    Happy runningūüėÉ

  • Seeing posts like this spur me on!

  • Thanks. That is really inspirational c

  • I think that when we were at school the teachers set us off on a cross country run in the freezing cold; without any help or guidance (it probably meant that they could have an hour off). No technique. Nothing. No wonder we all believe we "can't run".

    Me and my mates would head off for a fag and run the last 5 minutes back into school. What a shame that we never knew that we could all run.. just maybe more slowly than Brendan Foster (that's showing my age there).

    So good luck and well done. Tell your friends and tell your children about the joy of moving :)

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