Did the whole program never deviating from doing laps on grass and with no Laura!

i am now a committed runner who runs 3 x 5km a week but i just want to tell beginners of this program that in June i was unfit and overweight so i choose to do the program running laps round my local sports field - i wanted no injuries and to protect my 45 yr old knees. and i have done the whole program on the same playing field running 11 laps for 5 kms easily measured on my garmin 210 forerunner. ( gps running watch for those who don't know )

on about week 2 my six year old ipod classic broke down and since then i have had to return new one i bought plus a replacements they have sent me back to apple as neither worked, this has taken a long time so i did the whole thing with the timer on my very cheap mobile phone ( i cannot put apps on my phone as it is very old but does the job for talking)

it was quite tricky i wrote the plans out on a small piece of paper and as i ran reset the timer again and again!!! i was determined and i did it.

so if you have no money for a devise to listen to the apps and if you have sore knees etc or want to be gentle to your body -this brilliant program is still possible , i am the living proof of it.


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  • A friend of mine, who refuses to buy anything other than the cheapest pay as you go phone, runs regularly and times herself with an ancient kitchen timer which she carries in her hand as she runs along!

  • Well done. You sound so pleased with yourself and so you should be. I used my IPod with the podcast but mostly found it useful in stopping me doing too much too soon. For some reason the walking bits felt like cheating! Now I sometimes use my IPod and sometimes I run 'ears free' and listen to the birds!

  • This is definitely an inspirational post about mind over matter. You have shown such determination to get to your end goal. Fantastic approach and happy running.

  • Well done - in particular for managing without Laura telling you how great you are. Enjoy the feeling. Linda

  • Thankyou for this its inspiration for me cause I want to start this training beginning of january!

  • I just wanted to wish you good luck I'm hoping to join the healthy gang in January too happy new year !

  • Fantastic post. Well done. I'm a bit of a technophobe & started off with the kitchen timer before I learned how to get the podcasts onto my MP3 player.

  • Well done! I did a few runs using my stopwatch before finding Laura, then once my daughter lent me her Ipod and downloaded Laura I ran laps of my local park, but I soon got bored so ventured on paths and roads once I realised for sure no-one was looking at me or taking much notice (& if they were I was busy puffing and sweating and couldn't care less anyway!) :-)

  • Fantastic post!

  • Wow, I'm really impressed! There is NO WAY I could run laps of a field - I only wish I could as I have a lovely one a few steps from home and my knees would appreciate it I'm sure - I just haven't got the determination to cope with the monotony. How on earth did you keep your mind on the job??

  • its hard, i struggle! i look at the sun rising, look at nature, think about how cranky i am with my husband, what i have eaten the day before, what i plan to eat that day, news about friends, family, how heavy my legs are feeling, how slow i am going, sometimes i love it sometimes i hate it and nearly give up..... i have been making myself smile to none and when i am really bored i wave to imaginary crowds who are cheering me on!!!

    thanks for all your replies everyone.

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