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Have managed to get to week 7 on C25K , usually run on the treadmill as it's convenient with kids etc. Today thought I'd take it to the seafront and my breathing was all over the place and I couldn't get passed eight minutes! Eight minutes!

The wind was so strong that I swear I was running on the spot at times. I also had a painful knee after my last run so have taken a week off and it's playing up again now... just feel flat.

Sorry to moan but had to write it down as it makes me feel better xx


I got out and that counts!

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Still, you got out and that's what counts...

See, you got this


Thanks Rignold xx


Don't panic, we all have bad runs for one reason or another... this probably wont be the last one but there will be so many good runs to come so you can soon forget this one.

I went out tonight and also hit a strong head wind on the way back... I thought I was standing still at times as well!!

Take some rest for your knee and get back outside in a few days and hopefully you can complete the same route without the wind hampering you. :-)


Thanks Andy! X


Wind and painful knee can't have made things easy but as you say you got out and mixed it up by varying your usual routine. Respect!


You did..and it does!!! X


Sounds like a really tough run - hard enough against the wind but worse along a seafront.

You can learn to love it tho'


Coastal winds! I live on rhe south coast so it's usually windy when I get out - but it's flat terrain! My Fitbit registers lots of stair climbs on a windy day though.

I try to run into the wind on the way out so it's behind me coming back.

Well for getting out there and running xxxx keep it up and let us know how you are doing .


I think running by the seafront is deceptively difficult. Seriously! I live in a hilly place, and have bits of hills in every local route. They're not great fun but I cope.

My in-laws live by the sea, so every so often I do a seafront run when we're visiting them. Sooooo difficult! Maybe it's because I think it's really flat and should be so easy, maybe it's the sea breeze, I don't know. But whatever it is, it's a challenge and always takes me by surprise!


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