Gone into hiding!

I thought that might be the best way for me to avoid the torrent of concern that will be headed my way! Today I did my outdoors re-run of W3R1, outside in the grounds around my gym, I struggled but got there..... just. I then gave myself a short break before doing it all over again on the treadmill - clock-watched, cursed Laura, was convinced that I would die, but managed that as well. 2 days off now, before another W3 session outdoors on Thursday and then my second Parkrun (walk) on Saturday morning. Wish me luck! I've also found a local beginners' running group to join once a week, so may give that a whirl alongside C25K. Mad or what??


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  • Emm... why?

  • Hiding because I thought I'd get shouted at on the forum for breaking the programme rules! I am trying to get through outdoor runs because I have struggled so much with them, so having just about managed an outdoor W3 today I was simply curious how doing a W3 on the treadmill would compare: answer for me is easier!

  • Not mad - a perfectly normal runner!

  • Mad, most certainly, but welcome to the club!!! It is a great one to be in David!

    I wonder sometimes, what the Dickens at my age, am I am doing here, but thank goodness I love it... If this is madness...then I don't want to be sane:)

    Well done you x

  • I have been so happy losing a lot of weight over the last year, feeling MUCH better as a result, have lots of much younger super-fit friends and family around me to urge me on and convince me I'm not a complete idiot, worrying less about my health stuff I won't concern you with - BUT BUT BUT my not getting to the end of this bloody C25K thing is starting to bug me! Why can I go on a rowing machine in the gym, hit my rowing training targets and feel OK, do high intensity rowing intervals for cardio and that's all fine but not be able to jog for 30 minutes? ????? Running and gym bike (possibly worse than running) hit me the same way ... is it boredom, laziness or lack of fitness? ... maybe different muscle groups, but I guess mostly LAZINESS AND BOREDOM. On your age comment , I'm 72 years young and I'll do this stuff until I can't do it and say "thank you!" every single day I still can. Lots of people my age unfortunately can't, I still can so I'm carrying on doing it and overjoyed to be doing exactly that. By the way, I have no intention whatsoever being sane quite yet.... sounds bloody boring to me (not just running). I'm just this week joining a running club ..... lunacy! ... they advertise that they "even have people over 70" ... they are about to get another. None of the folks on this forum will ever know how much they help people like me - without you all I'd have stopped by now. XXXXX

  • You will get to the end of the programme, David, you will! Running outside is apparently harder than on the treadmill. I wouldn't know - treadmills scare me witless. Great that you're joining a running club :) I know what you mean about being thankful - there are so many people who can't run, it's fantastic that we can. And the folks on this forum have been the most supportive people I've ever (not!) met, although I have met a few in person now and they are all wonderful. Keep going - happy running always :)

  • Enjoy parkrun .. we're in Glasgow so the man says we are doing Pollock parkrun and the daughter has just volunteered if they'll have her. it'll be the first time since I graduated.. I was exhausted enough watching and clapping the Blackpool marathon runners yesterday (although ironically missed my sister going through on her half Marathon)

  • Good on you for keeping on with the running David. You score an A for effort with me.😊 Good luck and keep up the good work.x

  • Thanks - getting a bit demoralised, joining a local beginners' running club. Maybe "A" for effort but in my book "Z" for results!

  • Not at all. You are improving your fitness and health by doing exercise, much better than doing none. x

  • It sounds to me like joining the running club will be just the motivational boost you need. You are clearly committed to looking after your health and fitness. Running can be lonely and doing it on the dreadmill tedious, so getting out there in company sounds a great idea. Keep us posted! :)

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