Hair today, gone tomorrow

It was dark yesterday morning...very dark and as I stumbled around the bedroom, trying my best not to disturb the Mrs too much,I reached into the wardrobe and pulled out my hat and gloves.Being some what lacking in the hair-on-the-head department [why does it grow elsewhere but fall out there?], I need something to shield me agin the cold winter hail and wind.

Imagine my surprise when I parked the car, the warmth of the interior embracing my trembling body, when I unrolled my towel and my hat wasn't it's stead was a....wig...a ladies bob wig that was bought may moons ago for a party. What should I do? Turn around and change it? Not wear anything on my head?....or....or....wear it.

Yep, you've guessed it, I opted for wearing it. There was no way I could get back and swap it in time. I needed something on my head, and this was all that was available.

Slipping it on, and checking my appearance in the mirror :~), I stumbled out of the car and trotted off on my 6.4k. All was fine, and I soon became accustomed to the way the hair swished and swooshed round my neck.

All was fine...until...until I was nearly back at the car, and at which point I had completely forgotten that it wasn't a hat I was wearing. Then the dog walker came along. Oh yes, it was someone I knew, and whom I hadn't seen for a little while, so a chat was called for. Slowing down and walking up to them, I sensed a different attitude or approach from them. I put it down to the earliness of the hour. 'Morning ,' I said, rather exuberantly, and with the words not quite coming out properly due to a very cold face. In fact I may have sounded slightly tipsy, in hind-sight.

'Err, morning; Nick?', they said, rather formally.

'Great day, and no snow yet. How's the dog?' I crouched down and tousled the top of her head.

'Err, no. No snow yet.' A took a very small, but notable step back. 'Look, NIck; we've known each other for a good while...but why haven't you told me about this before?'

Rather puzzled, I asked him what he was on about....and that was when to looked straight at my head.

'Oh, bugger.' Looking back at it now, I may have chosen a better word in the circumstances.

I explained; we laughed; and I will never, never, NEVER again fail to get my kit ready the night before.


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37 Replies

  • Thats brought a big smile to my face!! :) it must be one of the funniest tales ive ever read on here! You showed true runners spirit , and the need for a cosy head outweighed the wig wearing negatives! Excellent, but what a S*D that you ran into your friend! Thats a great tale, and a run to remember! :)

  • Normally, I have the route myself except for the sheep, ponies and occasional Highland Cattle ~ which for Dartmoor is strange!

  • Hahaha! I did something similar when I took my buff off the washing rack and stuffed it in my pocket only to find it was actually a pair of tights...that's what comes of being obsessed with purple...BUT - where are the photos SC?

  • NO PHOTOS, please, well, OK, maybe just the one *posing* Isn't that Diana used to say.

    Sorry to disappoint(?), but there are none. Thank God...just imagine the sight...take the cap off my pic, replace it with a brunette bob wig and add a rather grey beard - winter plumage - in need of trimming, and you get the [unpleasant] pic.

    I love the idea of the tights.....or were you planing a bank job on the way home?

  • They were thick woolly tights, just the sort of thing a clutz like me would cover her face with for a bank job!

  • Ahhh, what schoolboys, who didn't know why it was 'funny', used to call passion killers.

    Purple, there's a thought.

  • Awesome! I can just picture it...

  • Thankfully there were no cameras.

  • Ha ha that's got to be Post of the Year, and it's only January. We're all going to have to go some to beat that!

  • It's good to laugh...even if I am the object....

    Normally I would have had a Buff in the car I could have used, but Izzie, God bless her paws, had decided it would be good to play with and it had been washed.

  • Fantastic....just fantastic .... Bet you looked gorgeous ! Happy running !

  • Hmmm, gorgeous. I need to look that word up, as my understanding of it must be wrong!

    Grey beard and brunette wig....I can feel an audition for Eurovision coming on.

  • That's so funny. Any pics???

  • Oh, no. PHEWWWWW

  • OK, well there is one...just one...taken when I got back home and got the bike out...

    OK, it's not me...but I could have looked like it :~)

  • Ha ha. Bet you'll be the talk of the village by tonight! LOL

    I would have put it on too. I can't be having no ear coverings.

    Curly! Ha ha, tee hee. Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh. Snort!

  • Hopefully they have something better to talk about ~ hopefully! As long as there is no hair-of-the-dog jokes, or people don't skirt the issue....

  • Tee hee

  • LOL, love the story. Thanks for sharing, Nick.

  • You're welcome. Hopefully there won't be a next time!

    Planning, that's what I need

  • hahahahaha that's great, thanks for sharing that :D

  • Hahahahah :D :D :D

  • That is, without a doubt, the funniest thing I have read on this forum :D

    I've got a George Michael, Wham-era wig that I am almost tempted to wear for my run tomorrow in homage to your post!

  • Go on ~dare you! Although, we would need proof. You know, pics!

  • I really think that we need a photo - even if you didn't take one at the time you could do a reenactment!

  • Hmmm, not sure my camera would take that!

  • Nick.......I mean Sally......or do I? You have made quite a lot of "confessions" on this forum and I am beginning to paint a picture of you, without any judgement, that is difficult to avoid. Pink sports bra, skirt and now a ladies bobbed wig. Is there something you want to say to us?

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Damn, found out!!

    If in any doubt...look at me pic above. Taken on a stunning walk with me wife and son on Snowdon. Gloriously sunny day.

    Alas, nothing to say...I'm quite boring really, but life is FUN.

    I had Testicular Cancer [the same that carried my dad off ] a while ago, so I am determined to enjoy life to the full, and if that means I sometimes do 'silly' things then, I jolly well will. I shall thumb my nose at convention, but the wig was a total accident.

  • Oh he chops down trees, he wears high heels , suspendees and a bra , I wish I was a girly, just like my dear Papa :-)

    Nowt wrong in getting in touch with your feminine side, whatever flops ya mop !

    Oh I bet the net curtains were twitching round your way Nick ha ha :-D xxx

  • How dare you! I don't have any suspenders!!!

  • ...yet :D

  • True...

  • Tights are much better in the cold weather , I know some bus drivers wear them under their trousers in winter ...

    Nowt wrong with that :-) xxx

  • Too true. If it keeps you warm...

  • Fantastic story - thanks for posting! You've made my morning :)

  • What a great post! I was laughing out loud as I read. Thanks for the morning chuckle. :-) The best one I've read for sure.

  • Ha ha ha!!! Best post ever!!! And what a star you are for doing that! The run at any cost, well done sir! X

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