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Outside again - hurt like hell

So I ve just run outside for the first time in 16 weeks due to my scleroderma feet and it hurt like hell. On the one hand I ran for 20 mins which is what I set out to do but only covered 2.5k which is disappointing oh so very slow( not that I was ever fast my fastest 5k was 36 mins) but the gremlins battle was insane. First 5 mins, your definitely going to die, next 5 mins ok we will let you go a bit further so you can die in a country lane where no one will find you, the last 10 mins ok we will let you run but you look like a puffing beetroot about to keep over. Really not looking forward to a repeat of that!

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Those beastly gremlins :( Don't let them get you down - you did it! 20 mins! You know that speed will follow later - this was just about getting outside again. Well done!

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But you did it, well done!

Try to enjoy the outside - blossom, grass, sunshine, clouds, lambs, whatever. Lots of interesting landmarks to aim to reach. Must be much more interesting than a treadmill run.


Well, at least you can't say you were bored with all that chat going on in your head. And you did what you set out to do - none of us can always say that!


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