Ok so tonight decided could not be assed to go out for a run so thinks ok will try one of the preset programmes on my treadmill, so did brisk 5 minutes warm up then hit the buttons for a 30 minute preset....BIG MISTAKE...All started fine could keep the pace no problem and did ok for first 10 mins, then it whacked the incline up to 8 and the speed up to 5mph...and we all know I am a total snail!! 🐌 managed it for a couple of mins but then had to take over the manual controls again...I would like to be alive to get on the plane on Wednesday! Anyway long story short had to cut it short at 20 mins as was all over the place. So, my question to the wise ones...do I try for n outdoor one tomorrow as this one did not really count, or still rest tomorrow and try Tuesday...or was possibly gonna run Wednesday morning before we go as not sure if I will manage it the week we are away!


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15 Replies

  • Oh Polly love the word fractice.

    You know the answer - take a break do it Tuesday. As the speed and incline ramped up and you weren't used to it, it's better to rest in my opinion. Today you still ran albeit not as long as last time, but certainly with a lot more stress involved!

  • Yep just the same advice as the other sensible jan! Just felt a bit like was copping out mind you my legs may tell me different tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣 level 8 incline wtf is going on???!!!

  • Hi Polly, you ran for 20 mins today and it sounds like it was tough (inclines, speed)😆 You are a Graduate so you know that you now take a rest day...

    Its up to you whether you run Tuesday or Wednesday, whatever suits you best and remember that all runs count towards building your stamina. You can do 30 min runs, try for a slow 5k or do a short run they are all good runs 😊x

    Have a good holiday..

  • Yeah I did know this...just thought I would ask 🤣🤣 thanks looking forward to a bit of sun!!

  • No jumping out of the plane...😉😄x

  • No not this time!! Will just sit back and relax and think of cocktails 🍸 and brandy sours!!

  • Rest, repeat, enjoy ! 😀

  • What the cocktails and brandy sours?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • I know people have given the answer already, but think back to when you did that first time 20 minute run during the programme ... now here you are wondering if 20 minutes "counts" :D newbies, take note, this is what c25K makes of you!

  • Hahaha I didn’t even think of it like that!! You are so right!! Every minute spent running is building strength and stamina.

  • Certainly is! And you had an incline too, even just for a bit! 💪

  • Love fractice ... some days hey 😊

  • Yeah that word goes into my new running vocabulary!!

  • I went up some hills today on my run. Walked 'em. I figure, maybe later in the week my legs will think they can run them a bit more...

    Treadmills, eh? What are they like...

  • Crap 💩 but essential to actually keep me running I know I will find every excuse in the book to not go out on a cold dark winter night...just not confident.

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