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Couch to 5K
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Uphill Milestone. 5K Coming in 7 days. 4.1 Miles

Got a ride to my start point at 6690 Feet

For starters, I walked and jogged 1.1 miles continuous ascent to 7037 Feet. The second half of this section was incredibly steep, I thought I would not even make it to finish this workout today. Plus it was freezing cold and ended up snowing for the last 75% of my training. It was a miserable start, but I pushed.

Then, my body adjusted and I was able to regulate my breathing to eliminate the sudden side stitch.

Then I jogged 2.2 miles, the first .4 miles of that was descent, then 1.8 miles of it was continuous ascent to 7407 Feet.

I kept myself at a breathing rate just beyond conversation level, but not so hard that I wouldn't make it all the way. It was guess work but I got it right. I have never attempted to jog up this mountain.

About 85% of this road is not paved, is rutted out, loose rock and dirt. So, it was a baby step to technical seeing as how I had to pay attention to where I put my feet to avoid twisting an ankle.

Total ascent was 717 Feet in 3.3 miles.

Took some pictures, then jogged 1.9 miles continuously back downhill. Wow! What a difference! loved every step of it.

Finally, I walked and jogged 1.7 miles home on paved road.

A total of 4.1 miles of continuous jogging and light running.

6.2 Miles Total walking, jogging and running.

Took two hours from start to finish. Slow but a milestone for me. I'll recover with two days off and run again on the third day, (maybe, - . . . if I can keep myself from running again on the second day, it's hard to stay home and not run) :-)

I can not believe, I went continuously for 4.1 miles!

I just barely broke 3.25 miles on the track and then when I attempted to run the trail, where the 5K will be on the 29th of this month, I could not get my breath, my muscles were weak, - it was a 3.5 mile bonk training day in addition to walking .9 miles to the place and .9 miles back home. But, I pushed and was able to run most of the downhill stuff and barely any uphill. It was misery on the ascents.

Love'n it. It's great to suffer when such progress can be seen.

Although, today was very much a pain free day once I broke through the initial misery. That second section of 1.8 miles uphill and 1.9 back down was virtually painless! I love it when that happens.

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That's great work, Well done to you :-) xxx


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