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7 miles of misery

I am managing to keep my running up to three times a week despite the weathers ups and downs. I have done a couple of short runs - and I am getting faster- which is quite pleasing - still no where near 30 mins tho!

Yesterday was a pushed day bit to many things packed in- including taking poorly car to garage and hairdressers - i was fretting how to fit my run in. My brainwave was to drive the car to the garage and run back. So full of virtuosity- wave goodbye to Mr Suzyb and said see you you in an hour. Ha Ha ha ha - how ridiculous was I. Dropped the car of and set of brimming with happy smug thoughts about my run home. Only to find the route home was all nearly up hill and lots of busy busy traffic- I had to do quite a bit of side of road running and I never realised there were so many blind bends- i felt most unsafe. I was nearly in tears and so despondent about having to walk and stop for fast moving traffic - miserable to say the least. The last few miles were flat or downhill - so the run redeemed itself. It was 7 miles in total - but quite a lot of interval walking. So won't be doing that again- I felt quite deflated when I get home - so i have planned a restorative run tomorrow - 4.5 miles I think should do me.

happy running everyone:-)

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I think that the way you fit your runs into your life shows a real commitment, suzybenj. Finding the good routes is key and being as far away from cars as possible makes for a good route. Enjoy your running.


ah yes thank you for wise advise. Now my legs have recovered planning lovely scenic quite route tomorrow.

Happy days :-)


Whether you feel happy with your course or not has much more of an impact than the length of the run sometimes.

It's a bit of a struggle in the winter to keep up the variety as some routes are just not meant to be run in the dark or at all!

You're wise to it now, but 7 miles is still 7 miles, so we'll done! Good luck finding some quieter routes.


Thank you. went out this afternoon on a very familiar restorative 6k run - i feel much better - but there is no doubt the chillier temperatures do make a difference. But still pleased i went out:-)


How mad that you're now in a category of person that considers a 6k run restorative! You're definitely a runner now!!!


...i guess i just keep forgetting how far we have come ...thanks for the reminder


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