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Week 3 run 2

Got up before work and just managed week 3 run 2 for some reason I found it harder than the first run this week but very pleased with myself for getting out of bed to do it! I've tried c25k before but not managed to get to the end due to injuries. (Feet due to too much Swimming then slipped disc in back cos of too much gardening!) So determined to finish it this time and booked a place on 5k race for life. So pleased to have found this forum with such lovely people on it as I reckon will need some encouragement and advice as the weeks ramp up!

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Ouch! Slipped disc is very bad! Exercise is good for the back though, and Running regularly will strengthen your back muscles.

Just go really steadily though. No hurry, and slow and steady really pays off! Some runs go better than others. Accept that and move on. ☺

You will progress through the weeks but there is no need to push anything. By going mice and slow you buy yourself time, and keep energy in reserve to get you to the end


Well done for getting back into the programme! I hope you've recovered well.


Thanks both I do go v. slow but reading everything on the forum am just ignoring speed at the mo 😊 and making sure I get through the runs. Next one on Sunday!


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