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Couch to 5K
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Couch to 5k

Have already done the couch to 5K plan in the past and it was amazing - ran 10k last time as entered a run and realised I had entered the 10k instead of 5K run and thought ... oh well I will just run the 5K and walk the rest and guess what ... I ran the whole way and felt amazing ..

I have not ran now for a couple of years and want to get back into it ... trying to find the right couch to 5K app that allows my music to play in between the coach speaking and can't find it ... anyone know?

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The NHS app is now called OneYou

But if you've never had the full original NHS C25K podcast experience, you really should try it and hear about Julie.

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Thanks and I have now found it and realised it's pod casts xx


There are apps as GoogleMe indicated.

Many do use the podcasts but it will not allow you your own music.

Go on app store, One You Couch 25k by Public Health England.


Ok thanks xx


Looks like they have just updated it too 👍🏼


Have to admit, after hearing about Julie a few times I had enough of her, but now, every mention of her makes me smile 😄


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