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Laura oh Laura for where arst thou Laura...

Well I did week one day one this afternoon! It was ok- I couldn't find Laura though! Has she gone?! I used to like the old one as i had her talking over my own music. The one I used didn't give me any inspiring chatter throughout. Fine for 1 minute running but don't think I can cope with that when I'm doing over 3 minutes. I don't like the music on the podcast. Any suggestions?

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I put up,with the music as I liked Laura voice over. If,you can put up with the music, the runs are a walk in the park 😁


Although if you can put up with the music you may well need to get your hearing tested.

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I coped with Laura and her choice of music until week 7 and the regular longer, uninterrupted runs. Then I started using the runkeeper app, and my own music. The app gives me updates of time, and the music keeps me distracted.


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