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Running without laura

hi i know to lots of you this will sound so strange as i have read lots of blogs etc but last week on a week seven run i tried to run without laura and with my own music stuck to same route and used just map my run now music was fab dont get me wrong but i stopped three times i just couldnt get round not having laura in my ear did last run with laura again and did it fine so what i really want to know is ,is there anyone out there who has graduated and still runs with laura ? or should i just ditch her once i graduate and hope its mind over matter .

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I still run with Laura for the most part (I've been using the W6R3 podcast and run through the warm up and cool down, I absolutely hated week 7's music!) since graduating 2 months ago. Maybe I need to update my music a bit, but I just really can't make it through with it. I like Laura's encouragement too.

Do what works for you. If you don't mind the music (I know a lot of people hate it, but I mostly found it fun/hilarious at times), keep using it. You could try weaning yourself off it by using your own music once a week and Laura twice a week until you don't need her at all.


I went cold turkey in week 7 but do miss Laura. This morning I did W7R2, used my own music, created a workout in runkeeper so I got my timings correct and managed to knock 40 seconds off my pace. Well chuffed to say the least. I love Laura but hate the music so she had yo go.....sorry Laura!


I still need Laura and use her when I'm not feeling motivated. I find as soon as I hear her voice, everything feels fine and like magic I can run. Today I did 'speed' again, (c25k+), which I have to say I love and have done several times. I've even done it twice through to make a fantastic run. Am also doing B210K, but taking my time over it, and I like to have variety.

I found week 7 of c25k the pits. I hated it and was the week when I really questioned why I was doing running in the first place. But get through the c25k and the world's your oyster!


Thanks for your answers think i willkeep her till end of program then try and without her can always go back ha ha x


Oh... I've just posted something similar... I've been running with Laura for the last year and now I find I'm lost without her (despite the music!) I'd suggest ditching her as soon as possible so you don't get too dependent... but I do admit to liking her encouragement!


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