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Where oh where has my fitness gone?

Went out for another cautious run today. Knee has been fine after Thursday's tentative 5k, so thought I would go a little bit further today and see how it went, without pushing it too far.

What a miserable experience.

Knee felt fine, no issues at all, but my fitness has somehow deserted me altogether. I felt like I was running through the La Brea tar pits carrying a mastodon on my back, inhaling lava.

I managed 6k and was so glad it was over. Normally by the end of a run I feel I could go on for ever. Two weeks ago I ran 18k and felt tons better than I did today. Not only that but I was running on a pancake flat trail. I have a hilly cross country 10k in a weeks time and would have struggled to do another 4k today let along over difficult terrain. I have a Half marathon the week after and all I could think today was "imagine you have another 10 miles to go..." might as well have tried to fly.

My knee still feels fine. I'm not particularly achey anywhere. It was just... like being back in W2 or 3 of the programme unable to even think about long distances.

I'm fairly sure this must be largely psychological. I was only on the injury couch for a week or so. I know the only answer is to keep on getting out there and doing easy runs, and know that I could equally well go out tomorrow and have the best run of my life and this be a thing of the distant past. That would be nice certainly.

I do know all this, and yet it just feels like an enormous kick in the... err, teeth.

Funny thing this running. And by funny I don't mean funny haha, but funny complete crap.

Don't even feel like reading any running books to console myself now. May go and listen to some Morrissey and Joy Division records.

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Oh that sounds cr*p. Delete it from memory and come at the next one afresh. It will be no consolation at all but apart from the few joyous runs most of mine feel like that at the moment. Still, if you don't need those lovely new books please send to Slookie at .... :)


Can I have your event shirt - oh and the mastodon? Rignold it is not like you to be down in the dumps so probably just one of those days caused by a change in the weather or alignment of planets - indeed this shall become a distant memory and all the crappiness shall disappear and be filled with sunshine and fluffiness. So get back up there and kick the s*** out of the Gremlins.


I can forgive you Joy Division, but please not Morrissey!!!! You will get it back...you know you can xx


You might feel awful but maybe if you just keep going things will get better. I often feel really bad and want to pack in but don't, and then feel better the further I get into the run. I had a 12 k the other day but wanted to throw in the towel before 5k. I stuck with it and felt much better but struggled again at 9 k. Dug deep and just kept going and by 10 k I felt fine again.

You're right, it's a funny business this running lark. Peaks and troughs!

You'll be ok Rig. You know what you're doing. Things just have to fall into place for you. I'm sure they will


I know it doesn't feel good having a bad run , but it does not mean your fitness is going down. Its psychological and largely mental, I think.

I had a very tough W8 R3 and then W9 R1 I HARDLY managed 20 minutes then stopped ( yea that feels so bad / 2 bad runs in a raw ) but i think its just normal to have bad runs for many other reasons , other than a drop in fitness level.

You will manage that half marathon and we will be waiting for lots of updates about it , just some rest and mental stamina and you will get back on :)

( P.S You and Tomas ) are the ones who encouraged me that half marathon is doable in 7 and half month so I will be waiting for a post with a tile : "I touched the finish line in that half marathon" :) ! -

Happy running !


I am really happy that you are having a bad time with your running lately -- I was starting to feel very lonely!!! :)


You know it's in your mind - your mind knows it's in your mind - now you just need to convince the rest of your body! Sometimes it just happens and really knocks you for six All you can do is put it behind you and get back out there . Sorry no easy answer Hope next ones better


Nooooooo! Don't say that! I'm on the injury couch and whilst I can't wait to get back running I am a little apprehensive about how it will go. Fingers in ears, la-la-la! Although it is good to hear your knee held up :)

Your knowledge of running will tell you all you need to know to erase this gremlin infested run, and resume normal service.

Now, go out and do a lovely fantastic marvellous happy run please. Thank you. That is all.



I wouldn't put money on it, but I bet you've picked up one of those nasty little viruses which doesn't stop you getting up and going to work in the morning, but which makes your body feel drained. Sometimes if I get one of those, it totally knocks me for six. There's no drugs which will help - rest and time is the only cure. And beetroot.


If it is any consolation you are not on your own. My previous run was an hour and 5 mins of gloriousness with new PBs across the park, then I had to go away for work and missed exactly one week of running. This morning I set out with my previous wonderful run in my mind ... and managed to run for 30 horrible excruciatingly long mins but had to stop 3 times and to walk for a few seconds at one point. No idea how this happens or why. This running is a very fickle mistress indeed :) I think the only thing you can do is go out again in a couple of days and try not to dwell on your previous run. Good luck!


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