Well I did it!! Week 1 day 1 βœ”

Well I did it!! but I really felt like giving up and I hadn't even got half way 😦 then I realised that it would make me feel better about myself to post a positive message rather than a negative one.

I think that I may have been too optimistic to think that I'd be able to run a 10k in September when I can only just about manage 60 seconds πŸ˜•

Thankyou to everyone who wished me luck....if it wasn't for all of your encouraging words I wouldn't be sitting on my lounge floor now looking like a strawberry πŸ“but I'm a very happy strawberry though lol x


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16 Replies

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  • Well done. I too did day 1 week 1 yesterday. I have another go tomorrow night but im dreading next week when they increase the length of time we run for !

    If you ran in bursts of a minute you are doing great for your first go.

    Congrats to you x

  • Congratulations to you too ☺ to be honest I really didnt think that it would be so hard for me to run for 60 seconds.....how mistaken was I?? 😰 it was hard but we both got through it....yayyyyy ☺x

  • My advice would be not to look ahead at what is coming up in the next week. I did it once & it nearly scuppered my plans to run. A big part of running is psychological - just tell yourself you can do this and you will. If I can do it, anyone can. Happy running x

  • Trust the program and you'll be fine! Well done to you :D

  • Well done, many find that first run so hard. Remember if it feels tough, just slow it down even more. It is better to go slow but keep moving for the whole of the time interval than to go too fast and not complete them. Also, don't write off that September 10k just yet. The key to success is to take it steady, keep getting out there and also listen to your body. Always take your rest days and it's ok to have an extra rest day if that's what your body is telling you. This programme is such a life changer, if you want it to be! Good luck with your next runπŸ™‚

  • Well done!

  • Congratulations, you've started and already shown the gremlins that you mean business πŸ˜€ Follow the programme and you will amaze yourself with what you can achieve. Deal with one run at a time and if it's tough slow down then slow down some more. Happy running πŸ‘ŸπŸƒπŸ‘ŸπŸƒ

  • I started c25k on Jan 12, 2016 (I think!) and did my first 10k mid-April, so 3 months later. It was a fluke, a wee bit early and it took me ages to get up to doing 10k consistently, but it is possible. You have ages till September, if you stick with the programme you'll be fine!

  • Hi, Well done for getting started and getting rid of those gremlins half way through. Take one run at a time, keep it slow slow slow and make sure you take your rest days and you'll get there. I won't pretend it's easy but trust the programme and in a few weeks time you'll look back and feel very pleased with yourself. Go for it!

  • Keep going you are doing great! You will have good runs and bad runs but even those are doing good. 10 k in September? Why not ? I'm sure you'll get there! However just keep going as you are and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll progress!

    We've all been there,but eventually we all get graduate!!!! Good luck!

    Maybe do a park run or a 5k after you graduate to give you an idea what it's going to be like on a 10k.

    Keep the good work up! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • As previous posters say, well done. Bear in mind the 60s run is really a jog not a sprint. At the end you ran for 8 minutes total - that's a cracking start!

  • Don't worry about that 10k. When the time comes, you can always do a run-walk (many of us do). Just focus on the program for now, you're doing great.

  • Firstly well done on completing your first run. Secondly, I am sure you will find that lots of graduates felt exactly the same on their first run, I know I did. 60 seconds seems like a long time to run. As others have said, take it slow, slowly & even slower if you need to - I used to have snails waving to me as they whizzed past when I started. Trust the program because it really does work, ignore those pesky gremlins because they can sneak up on you & enjoy your running. We will be cheering you on all the way. Good luck on your 2nd run & I look forward to reading about it xx

  • Well done! - I started on Monday, and did Day 2 yesterday. In some ways day 2 was harder, but also easier - I actually managed to speak at one point whilst running! - Though I think that "running" is a generous description for what I'm doing!

    Nice to hear I'm not the only one that finds it hard work!

    Pilates today then Day 3 tomorrow

  • well done needahol and great for sticking with it , i think my second run on week 2 i had to stop halfway thru ( tummy probs due to hysterectomy ) i felt so bad that i ended up redoing it later in the day when my tum had eased off , now when i feel meh and think i cant ..... i push myself anyway ( saves doing it once n a half lol ) in a few weeks you will be looking back thinking wow where did that 3 min run come from , follow the plan you can do it x

  • Well don't for starting you are already lapping those still on the couch!!! I started a while ago and completed week 1 but had to stop as I had a bad cold which lasted 6 weeks!!! Now I'm better I've picked up from week 2 so going out doing W2D3 on Sunday. It's hard doing 90 seconds and I really wanna stop just before I get to 90 seconds. I'm not looking forward to week 3 where I need to jog for 3 mins. How can o go from 90 seconds to 3 mins?!?!? Might have to do week 2 for another week to get better at 90 seconds :-(

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