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Graduation and beyond

Hi folks.

Graduated last Friday but cannot find the pinned posts to get a badge. I am using an android phone but search as I have, they elude me.

However I gave continued listening to Laura, and with modifications I did a 34 minutes run covering 4.5k and today ran 5k in 37 minutes. Chuffed or what!

Keep at it folks, if I can, so can you!!

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Hope this link works


Yeah! That shiny badge looks great👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️

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Hi Jacs-W. Many thanks for your help. Looks great!!

It still seems strange to me that I can run, a bit!! X


You are a runner, enjoy!


You obviously found the badge! What are your plans for your next runs... so much to choose from :)


Hi Oldfloss. I extended my run to cover 5k about 6 times. Took me around 36 minutes. Yesterday I decided to extend the time and ran for 40 minutes covering 5.5 K. Never really feel confident that I will manage it, but the feeling after finishing is fantastic! I go to a spinning session on the non run days. So will continue on 40 minutes for now and look at increasing time and or speed.

I love reading people's experiences on this forum ☓



Huge Congratulations....Graduate ! x


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