Cross Trainer resulted in cross trainee!!!

Hi Guys & Girls, I'm still here - just! Have been getting back to exercising, (slowly) but last Wednesday landed heavy on my left heel when jogging on treadmill so have been resting it for a week, its getting better but still doesn't like impact much So this morning I would try and use a Cross Trainer instead of treadmill, I'm afraid I became the cross trainee I found it quite hard and an unnatural movement, it took me a while to get into a comfortable rhythm, in fact I found it easier to go backwards instead of forward!! Is it me or has anyone else found CT hard to get to grips with? Happy running everyone, I will get back there one day.

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  • Ha ha you sound like me , I was doing the same , going backwards , but I didn't know till the trainer pointed it out to me . You will get used to it . It's probably because you haven't been using it & have got used to the tread mill . It's certainly kinder on the joints . Good luck with it

  • You didn't have the resistance too high did you ?

  • Hi Rockette, phew I'm glad someone else went backwards and it wasn't me being a numpty!! I had the resistance on 6 to start with then lowered it to 4 but not sure if that is too high or not. I only went on it while I waited for a bike or rowing machine to become free. Will try it again though.

  • I personally don't like CT's I find the motion far too unnatural for my liking even though they are supposed to be great all body exercise (as you use your arms too) yeah I guess I have tried going forward and backward on them and backwards is easier. Hope the heel fixes itself soon!

  • Yes I've gone backwards on the CT too! Very embarrassing. Don't like them at all. Hope you get back to running soon.

  • I never got to grips with a CT although I seem to remember one of the times I tried, I did find it easier going backwards. I much prefer a treadmill if I have to run indoors. Prefer the great outdoors though.

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