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well after the usual trepidation run 2 done and dusted have changed the format of my run instead of turning around at about half way have now since the weather has improved decided to run for the full time .

And then walk back to my car which proves one thing at least i know i must run a bit faster than i walk as it takes longer to do the return journey.

Run was uneventful and as had run it twice already new how far i had to go which to me seems to help as i have a goal to aim for although i did go a little further before the magic words interrupted my music "run complete " start your cooldown

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Ah those blissful words 😀

Having a good walk home is a good idea. Helps stretch you out a bit. I walk backwards for bits of my walk asit gently stretches out the calves.

Good luck with the next sesh 😀


Well done. Nothing like a lovely walk to finish off with.

I find that I know pretty much where I should be for each part of the run and now I have graduated I challenge myself to continue on a little further each time (when the legs are working properly lol).

Good luck for R3 (not that you'll need it )


cheers mate


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