W7R2 completed (twice)

W7R2 completed (twice)

If I am not too careful, I am going to feel like one of those "runners" that some of us see as mythical beasts!!!

Last night was a stress removal time, with me heading out ready to burn some energy (and some calories).. My weight loss has plateaued for 3 weeks now, and is starting to annoy me, so a run out it was.

My first 25mins wasn't too bad, although I seem to get some kind of weird "stitch" just below my shoulder-blade in my back!!! I then rewound the track to the 5min warm up walk, and went again. The second run was a good bit tougher, and I had to break to a walk for 60seconds with 10mins to go.

But it felt good. It cleared my brain for a while, and let me relax (while sweating and struggling!!) :-)

Keep going C25K friends.. I am 18st +a bit guy who has gone from panting after 30seconds of running to being able to run for 25mins straight now!!!

Roll on graduation :-)


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9 Replies

  • I think once we can run for 25 mins, could go longer (and u proved it)! I am on week 7 and ran 30 instead of 25 on day 1, want to get up to 5K by week 9 if I can so might run a bit longer today - u rebel! Julie

  • For sure.. I reckoned at the end of the first 25, that I could have carried on.. Just scared to!! lol

  • I have, on week 7 day 1 (25 mins) ran for 30 mins; day 2 (25 mins) ran for 43 mins and did 5k! Not sure it is a good plan as I was tired and a little achy (went to bed for a rest for 3 hours)! Just wondered if I could run 5K,mi can but not easily!! Julie

  • Whoop Whoop.. you nailed the 5k!!! wow.. 43mins is a good chunk longer than the prescriped 25 from W7.. That kinda sounds scarey!!

    I reckon one day, I am just gonna get out and hit the 25mins mark, and just keep going.. see what happens.. lol

  • Congrats! Keep it up. I'm about to start week 8 and I'm amazed by how well the plan works :-) Roll on graduation indeed!

  • Congrats to you as well Laura.. Get those legs moving and in a week or two's time, we will be slouching and sucking in air on top of the podium!!

  • Aw sorry to hear the weight has levelled off but it happens. Don't worry about it, just keep running. Slow runs are just fine for burning the calories. You don't have to pile on the pressure at all. Walking more will also help, as will doing a bit of other stuff. Just keep moving and it will shift. Speaking of shifting, switch your eats about and turn your weekly menu upside down., Eat different meals for 7 days and see what happens. Good healthy, ones of course. If my weight sticks I do that and it works! If you keep it simple with mostly protein, fruit and veg it should kick start your metabolism. Leave out/cut back on the stuff that could sabotage your weight loss efforts

    Good luck and keep running!

  • Thanks Miss W.. I like the suggestions.. Its back off the booze, and back on the exercise for a couple of weeks... She how the fat cells like that!!!

  • Well done Nick, keep going !

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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