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w2d3 done and now im suffering !!

hi all i have been a bit chesty for a couple of days but thought after doing a couple hours at my volunteer job that i would do my w2d3 run as planned today , i manage to do it although i was a little wheezy and heavy lungs on the run sections ( all of which i managed to do ) i also found the podcasts so downloaded laura onto my old phone so will now be using that as my running phone , however now my head is tight and my throat and chest had rebelled , well at least i get my 2 days weekend rest before commencing onto week 3 hopefully i will be able to breathe better by then :D happy weekend everyone xx

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Well done👍 It can be hard finding motivation when we feel under the weather but you did it ✋️

Hopefully by Monday you'll be fine, and a new week is always exciting.

Enjoy Laura, she really is fab! The music can sometimes be a bit.....odd, but oddly enough it works😂 Enjoy your weekend and good luck for next week.


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