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Week 4 completed !

Week 4 completed !

Mixed week for me . I stayed on target despite picking up a small injury to my hip joint while rowing . Id finished day two then went for a row. After a minute i felt a popping /clicking pain in my left hip. Had a stretch and it wouldn't budge and hurt more when i walked. So called it a day and had a couple days rest. Day 2 sucked too . I really struggled to keep going. I was finding it hard to breath it was so stuffy in the gym , the treadmill i was on had a loose belt and felt like running on sheet metal with clogs on . But i got through it . Today however my goodness what a difference. I wasn't even going to go in as my hip was still a bit achy . But i went , and even half way through i felt so much better . The treadmill felt much better and i felt i could run more which is handy for week 5 . Thanks all for this wonderful place to write down my adventure.

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Well done Rickne and I like the pic!

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