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Sunday: Week 3 done! (and how I realised that C25K makes a lot of sense)

Hi! Third Sunday in a row that I am pleased to report that I have been able to stick to the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday running routine.

Overall week 3 felt good, I think I am finding my pace. At the end of each running interval I had the impression that I could go on, looking forward to week 4.

This week I also realised why this C25K and starting slowly makes a lot of sense. I always had the impression that I could go on or run faster and had to refrain myself. then on the rest days I listened to my body and realised that there is a lot more than heart and lung involved in running. I was feeling that my legs were needing these rest days. So starting slowly and following the C25K steps seems a great way to get all your body parts (heart, lung, muscles, bones and joints) on a common level before making further progress.

Weather forecast looks good for next week, no excuses!

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I think he's got it! :)

Well done you.. slow and steady will get you to that Graduation podium safely and having had great fun :)

Finishing with a bit left in the tank is just fine ! Onward and upward!

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It is a great prorgam. It is so supportive to the whole body as you progress. Well done on completion of week 3.

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