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5km 2-3 a week thanks to c25k. Impossible made possible!

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I just want to advocate how much c25k has changed my life. I did not post any progress reports, but I completed the programme 2 months a go and my life has completely turned around.

I am a 42 year old diabetic and asthmatic and who had not exercised seriously for 2 decades and I was seriously out of shape and overweight. My cousin suggested i downloaded the bbc app and although i struggled, i never gave up, running at 4.30am, 3 times a week.

I still can not crack the magic 30 min mark but the c25k app and cutting down on carbs has helped me lose 10% of my body fat, a stone in weight and reduced my blood sugar hb1ac from 77 to 48,all in 4 months!

If anyone reads this and is struggling with c25k, if i can do it, anyone can! Yes its hard work and sometimes you want to stop, but keep going!!! The rewards are really really worth it, and your whole life will turn around.

I hate running, but the achievement after finishing is so worth it. pick the right motivating tunes and persevere. You can do it too.

Good luck and feel free to get in touch.


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Well done, a great advocate for what the programme can do for our health and well being!

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I love posts like this - I too have been on the same journey. It's now nearly three months since I graduated and in the past few weeks I've really grown to LOVE my running. I think what I'm saying is carry on - this may happen for you too!

I am a Practice Manager at a doctor's practice. With my PM hat on I applaud you from the rooftops. There are two main ways people deal with diabetes at such a young age - total denial, refuse to change their lifestyle, don't comply with their medication and continue to endanger their life. the other way is those that monitor their blood sugars, make some minor lifestyle changes and believe that the only way to manage their condition is with medication. You are the minority - believe me - and you are the kind of diabetic we all love. It obviously depends on whether you're type 1 or type 2 - but we have had a few patients who have change their lives like you have and whose diabetes has been so well controlled as a result that it actually goes away. You're inspirational and you should definitely use your story and dedication to motivate others!

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Stvn in reply to RebeccaSK

Thank you Rebecca :-) and congratulations to you too! Now comes the hard bit....the dreaded winter. If we can motivate ourselves until spring, i think we have cracked it!

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RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to Stvn

I know - winter is the hard bit. It's part of the reason I joined a running club - so that I have others to run with on the dark nights. I also do Parkrun on a Saturday morning - not sure if you've tried that but I recommend it if you haven't! It's great for motivation!!!

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Stvn in reply to RebeccaSK

Yeah, done 3 park runs now. Knocked 40secs off my precious best yesterday. Will have a look at the local running clubs. Thank you :-)

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Wow, what a lovely post! You couldn't fail to be motivated by this. You've done amazingly well. Running is hard, but not impossible and the rewards are fantastic. We are the lucky ones to have discovered this! :)

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I agree with the others - what a fantastic post and one which I am sure will inspire others to get out there and give this fantastic programme a go. So pleased it has led to so many physical benefits - you say you 'hate' running ...your photo says otherwise! 😉. Well done and keep on running!🙂

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Stvn in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you sandra :-) I would rather be doing other things than running, but lets face it, it has done the trick. The fun comes with parkruns on saturdays, i really enjoy the feeling of finishing them. Congrats to you too.

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RhodalewisGraduate in reply to Stvn

Loved your post..so inspiring to read your success whilst still struggling to enjoy running. I graduated a week ago and parkruns are giving me my focus. Even though I know no one is bothered if I go or not, my commitment to it is the same as me doing c25k. My aim is to do Park run under 30 minutes...one day... but mainly that it begins to feel a bit easier. Here's to surviving the winter and becoming real runners !! Good luck and hope you begin to enjoy the running more.

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Stvn in reply to Rhodalewis

Sounds like you are in the same boat as me, and congrats on completing the 9 weeks :) 30 mins seems a long way off, i think that would be just as much of an achievement as completing the c25k. Good luck over winter!

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That's brilliant- what an inspiration you are. 👍😀

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Congratulations! What an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing your journey. I hope you find a way to enjoy running - although I’m not sure I could enjoy anything that took place at 4.30am. That’s some impressive will power you’ve got there!

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Stvn in reply to Gabby08

Thank you Gaby :-) like all the grads who have replied to me, the feeling of doing the first non stop was amazing. Well done ti you too!

Fantastic post and motivation. Keep at it.

Well done 👍 it’s lovely to read your post - what a transformation over 4 months. You’re an inspiration to all of us still in the program.

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Fantastic Steven. So inspirational. Keep going and well done!

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That's a great post well done you very impressive stats ( lm a nurse) and a great motivational read. It can be done and you are the proof of that. We can all make excuses not todo this and lve been one of them but now that's going to change. Congratulations and enjoy your new life. 👍😀

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Stvn in reply to Wantorun2013

On a morning like this, there is no excuse, get out there! (unless you are working). My better half was a nurse but retired due to ill health, that job must keep you fit as it is, you don't get 5 mins break!

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You are at that point post graduation where you really begin to feel the benefits and can look back on how far you have come. As you say the impossible becomes possible and your life has permanently changed.

Thanks for the post. It will inspire many.

Good luck with your future running.

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Stvn in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you Ian. As a mentor, have you heard of a powerbreathe device?

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Stvn


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Well done you! Motivation for all those starting :)

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