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post run douts

well week 5 run three and all i could think of all day was im not feeling 100% maybe i should leave it and do it tomorrow(feeble excuse)

I finished work and went home to change still not convinced i should attempt it but i drove to where i run and prepared ( phone playing up it would run the app but no music or voice commands through head phones things were really stacking up

So i thought well what if i do 2 x 8 min runs as i did on Tuesday so off i went really not thinking i would get to the first 8 min but i did and thought well lets see if i can do 10 and 10 led to 15 and be for long (well it seemed like forever ) the magic words interrupted my song to say 1 min left and then the walk word yippee i did it 20 mins run

I know that there are more hurdles to cross but for me this is the biggest to go from 8 mins to 20 mins i know it gets longer from here. but its only few minutes more ,well thats what ill tell myself

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Well done - it's a big mental hurdle for sure, and getting though it by using moving targets like that is a smart plan! :) Over half way through the plan now- you can do this! :)


Well done and I think you are right, once you have cracked 20 minutes it's not much different to add a few more...and a few more. Congratulations!


It is only a few minutes more! Well done to you :)


the 20 minutes were absolutely the worst and best part of the programme for me :D I was terrified before and felt amazing after! Nothing can stop you now!


You will do do it. Just stay on it. Focus! One run at a time. 😀

Go nice and steady and it's in the bag


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