Couch to 5K

order mixup

hi all

well week 5 run 1 and 2 done and dusted

the big 20 min on Thursday

I suppose not really that much longer 16 min to 20 mins but with no break im sure will make big difference

but who would have guessed i would have run 2 x 8 mins with a little walk in between certainly not me i thought 60 seconds was for ever

well heres hoping will be a happy post on Thursday

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I did it today, I have no doubt you'll do it. As everyone says if it feels tough, slow down, you can pick it up if you feel you can towards the end. Just one foot in front of the other .... oh & I found a good tune , I almost felt like Rocky !!!! Good luck.


Run 3 always barks worse than it bites ;)

Trust yourself, go out steady, take the speed down a notch if you start to flag and you'll be fine :)

Good luck 🏃🏃🏃


You'll do great!


I did it last week (W6R2 to do today). I think the thought of 20 minutes was worse than actually doing it, though I can't say I'm looking forward to 25 minutes on Friday! But we can do this - the programme has worked so far, so no reason to think that will stop now. And the support and advice from this forum keeps you going 😀


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