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Week 5 Complete!

Completed Week 5 last night! Yay! Though i must point out im using a Laura-less App, thats seems to be a week or so longer than the normal plan, therefore Week 5 consisted of 2 x 8 min runs.

Week 6 ends of 15 min runs, so still a bit of a ramp up this week, so will see how it goes!

Its going well, covered 4.6km with my C25K run last night, so topped it up to my first 5k! 2 Stone down since xmas, and feeling good!

Onwards and upwards!

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Well done! And on the weight loss too 😊


Thank You :o)


Wahay! Well done you 😀 Keep running, eating and drinking healthily and you won't recognise yourself. Take care. Be slow and steady and you'll be fine

Have fun 🙂

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