W6R1 - a nasty one

This is my first post on this lovely forum. After having survived W5R3 I, like many here before me, thought W6R1 would be a doddle. It wasn't. Part of the problem was that my partner press-ganged me into joining him for a half-hour squats and lunges session yesterday. This meant that I had sore legs to contend with today in addition to the usual ragged, laboured breathing.

BUT - even though I knew I wasn't going to like it, I wasn't even slightly interested in looking for excuses not to do it. That's a big, big difference from Week 1. I've put so much into it now that there's no way I'm going to let all that effort go to waste by not following through.

Thanks C25K!


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10 Replies

  • Ooh that week 6! It would be interesting to know if anyone has ever enjoyed day one of week 6? Well done for getting through, the fun starts now!

  • I enjoyed the first 2 days of week 6 - I quite like intervals! And my first post-graduation run went straight back to them (run 1 of w5 I think). Always knew I was weird!

  • Takes all sorts Jaysee skinny! 😉

  • I must admit I never thought of running and walking as "intervals" - hmm, that's one to add to the repertoire!

  • Well done..and yes this program is addictive😊 Each session although tough, gives your confidence a boost and soon you will be running for 30 mins non-stop.😊

    Go you, onwards and upwards.x

  • I did not like W6R1 at all! In fact I really really really hated it. Thankfully it's just one of 27, and although I've not quite forgotten it (can you tell??) I've moved on.

    I'm so with you on the effort thing. I can't not finish and if I gave up I'd have to do W6R1 again!! Wah

  • Did W6R1 today. Actually didn't find it too bad - like JaySee I quite like intervals. I found out at the end of week 2 the breathing was easier if I went really, really slowly - even slower than I thought it was possible to go and still be running! Now all I have to contend with is achy legs that keep begging me to stop.

  • Yup, that's what I ended up doing. Kind of like a duck waddle, if the duck was also coughing up the lining of its lungs at the same time.

  • Good to hear I'm not alone!👍

  • I did manage to do week 6 run 3 today successfully at a very slow and steady pace.It was worth it, as I could manage 30mins rather than 25 minutes and still felt comfortable doing it.I hope I could repeat it in 2 days time.It was painful journey for the last 7weeks as I had to skip few sessions in between.

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