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Celeb spotting!

I haven't posted for a little while, but have been getting out for my runs regularly. Today was a rare Sunday off, so I was able to join the social running group that I joined recently for the Sunday morning run. Who should we spot also out for a run in the Meadows in the centre of Edinburgh, but Ian Rankin!

Somehow I can't imagine Rebus as a runner...

Have a good week, and happy running!

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 4.64km, time: 26:32, pace: 5:43min/km, speed: 10.49km/h.

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Well done on the run :) and wow what a great spot! One of my fav authors. Met him last year when he was signing he new book, nice guy. I bet he left Rebus in the pub round the corner ;)


Well the Oxford Bar isn't far away...

Funnily enough Ian popped up on Radio 6 Music this morning too, he does seem like a nice guy. I didn't know he was a runner though :-)


I can see Rebus running... but he'd be one of those silly arses that thought he knew better, couldn't bear Laura and her horrible taste in music, he'd run on his rest day, he'd run longer and faster, he'd get injured and he'd retire to the Oxford Bar for analgesia and muscle relaxant and give it all up as a bad job.

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